A twenty-one-day an obstacle is all it takes to get on the path of reversing diabetes

Sounds unbelievable? It"s true.

Based on she revolutionary diabetes reversal programme, Dr Nandita Shah, famous homeopath and founder-director of SHARAN, elaborately breaks under the real reason of diabetes using clinical evidence and also intelligently outlines a regime that will certainly not simply prevent the disease but likewise reverse it.

By addressing the cause of insulin resistance and lack that insulin, Reversing Diabetes in 21 Days gives a fresh and practical perspective on just how to healing diabetes. This book carefully takes into account the Indian context, customs, tastes and thought processes to tailor the best possible step-by-step guide that an mean Indian deserve to follow.

Interspersed v testimonials, stories and also real-life experiences of past participants, this publication will display you that form 2 diabetes and many situations of type 1 diabetes are indeed reversible!

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India Penguin
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November 15, 2017
5.0 X 7.7 X 0.9 inch | 0.5 pounds

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About the Author

Dr Nandita shaman is the founder of Sanctuary because that Health and Reconnection to Animals and also Nature (SHARAN) and also has thirty-six years of endure in dealing with patients. She started her career as a homeopath in Mumbai and was a part of the Sankaran team of homeopaths. As a homeopath, she prescribed the minimum variety of medications. She teach advanced-level homeopathy internationally and also was invite for seminars and international conferences in the US, Europe, southern America and the middle East.
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