Does anyone on here actually believe that Jacqueline and also Chris Laurita had actually anything to perform with ratting Teresa and Joe out to the feds??? This rewatch has made me therefore angry due to the fact that Teresa and also Melissa have plain as day tried to gaslight Jacqueline from the beginning! I sort of great the Laurita’s would’ve sued Teresa for slander because that these baseless accusations she is spreading.

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And the being said I to be so ailing of Joe and Melissa Gorga together they space feeding into this delusion that is Teresa. It’s therefore pathetic the the 2nd Teresa provided them attention they reduced out the Wakile’s and also Rosie choose they were GAHbage.

Maybe i’m the only one interpreting it this way but dear god ns close to screaming in ~ this insanity lol!


I serious think Jac has constantly been the pure worst in the NJ franchise...we all see them differently!

I have never been a large Jacqueline fan either i have to say! however this season ns was for this reason disgusted through Teresa and Melissa that ns could absolutely see come an extent where Jacqueline was coming from.

Siggy and Dolores to be the heroes the the season lol

No ns think they will do be also scared that their own shit being exposed to do that.

I remember a fight between Tre and Caroline where at the end Caroline states something to the effect of “Nice bag...” which makes me wonder.

I can see Caroline report them. And if she did good for her. Ns rewatched recently and Tre is worse than I remember. Play the dumb housewife, giggling, running up vast bills top top screen and paying with cash. I feel sorry for the kids however they got what castle deserved.

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I nothing think the Lauritas dubbed the Feds or anything however they likewise have a ton the shady business and also tax stuff going on and also definitely benefited indigenous the truth that the display was (rightly) concentrated on the Guidice’s issues. Theresa and also Joe carried every solitary bit top top themselves but I think she was many mad the she to be so exposed v her issues and also Jaq had so much cover.

No, certainly don’t believe that in ~ all. The was common Teresa turning something about on anyone she’s arguing with to try and deflect. She always does that and always will. Cd driver me nuts


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