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Dick the date of birth Boy refers to a Polaroid photo of presenter and actor affluent Evans from video clip production firm Red Letter Media. He is pictured together a son wearing a shirts that says "Dick the birthday Boy" together Billy Bob Bear, a mascot because that the currently defunct restaurant ShowBiz Pizza Place.


The picture was supplied by other cast members that Red Letter Media to prank well-off Evans in an illustration of your "Best the the Worst" series, posted November 5th, 2013 (shown below). The moment from i beg your pardon the initial image shows up can be uncovered at 01:02. In the very same episode a Billy Bob bear costume coincidentally appears in the film Trick or Treat starring Gene Simmons, and the cast discuss this shocking disclose at 27:35. Other photos of the initial photograph have due to the fact that been common online by Red Letter Media on your Twitter account <8> and also the account of continual guest star Colin Cunningham <9>.

In June 2019 the Red Letter Media creators to be guest stars on the Bunny ears podcast <10> organized by macaulay Culkin during which the history of this photograph was fully elaborated on. The specific tangent have the right to be discovered at 22:10 during which the original source and the spread out of snapshot is discussed. The photo itself is now framed in ~ the RLM studio.


The picture was post to Funnyjunk without context on September 20th, 2014.<1> ~ above November 14th, the image was posted to /r/WTF<3> wherein it got over 7,300 point out (shown below). Together a result the image spread virtual as a particularly memorable Cursed Image and also Awkward household Photo. Notably, it appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show in 2018, where the guest Julia Roberts revealed the she operated for ShowBiz Pizza, joking the she to be the one in the be affected by each other costume.


On February 18th, 2016, the image showed up in an /r/nostalgia<2> thread, identifying the location of the photo as Showbiz Pizza, a children"s restaurant chain comparable to lining E. Cheese"s. Additionally, the photograph spread as a "cursed image." top top February 25th, 2018, it showed up on /r/cursedimages,<4> getting over 195 points. Top top Tumblr, it spread in numerous write-ups calling it a cursed images.<5>

The photo also was offered in some edits which gave the photo a paedophilic connotation. A September 3rd, 2016 edit included the bear saying "yas ns will" to the shirt analysis "dick the birthday boy" (shown below, left). A comparable joke posted to /r/memes ~ above April 15th, 2017 experienced the bear saying "Don"t mind If i Do," obtaining over 6,200 points (shown below, right).

Julia Roberts Connection

On November 30th, Julia Roberts appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where Degeneres surprised v Julia with photos from she past. Before ending up being a movie star, Roberts operated at Showbiz Pizza and donned the costumes of the characters. One of the picture Degeneres confirmed was the "Dick the birthday Boy" image.

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The minute was a hit v Red Letter Media fans. It appeared in 2 /r/redlettermedia write-ups that acquired over 2,400 points<7> and 2,600 points,<8> respectively.