Once again the yes, really realities the the Kardashians have overshadowed the reality of Rob & Chyna this week. But, in the time-honored movie heritage of rely disbelief, we will watch the penultimate episode and spend an hour in Calabasas there is no worrying around the future the Keeping Up v The Kardashians. Rob and also Chyna space in a an excellent place. Lock are getting along well and getting all set for the baby. They decide to visit a train museum come shoot family members photos v King before the new baby comes. “It gets me the end of my tiny comfort zone,” plunder says, in situation for one second we forgot the Rob doesn’t like having his picture taken.Rob is thinking of moving back into Chyna’s house. “Things have actually been going an excellent with Chyna and also I,” that says. They talk around it. Chyna is ~ above board; she desires to have Rob around, but she’s concerned he won’t stick come his self-improvement setup if he move in. “If friend move back in, I desire you to still it is in on her stuff,” she says.As a means to that end, Rob checks in on his health. He has actually been trying to eat healthier and work out an ext following his hospital stay and diabetes scare. That meets Dr. Goglia, the family members nutritionist, in ~ his mother’s house. They perform a blood check on the island in Kris’s kitchen. Rob wants to know his HbA1c percentage. (HbA1c is, according to the American Diabetes Association, a check that procedures blood street levels end a duration of 2 or 3 months.) “My level of sugar to be so high it just freaked everyone out,” rob says, introduce to a former test with Dr. Goglia the landed the in the hospital. This time, the test result is in the typical range. Kris tells him, in she best permitting voice, the she is proud that him.Rob announces come Chyna that he is, “completely complimentary of diabetes.” Okay, what? That renders diabetes sound favor a virus, which, of course, that isn’t. This is just one of those times once the language the Kardashians use matters and, here, Rob gets it wrong. He claims it’s the finest news he’s had actually all year. Chyna politely reminds him the he’s having a baby. They laugh about that, and Rob tells Chyna that he desires to discover a home for them come live in with each other that is your home, not his or hers. “Getting a new house with each other would be a new start,” he says. Chyna’s not marketed on a new house. She likes her home she has actually now. She’s happy he’s “diabetes-free” (again, words matter here) but she doesn’t desire him to lose emphasis on obtaining himself in a an excellent place.

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Last week Paige take it the news choose a champ that her room at Chyna’s residence would be the baby’s room. This week, she is packing her things, and also Chyna isn’t happy. Chyna isn’t all set to lose Paige. “I simply don’t want to be lonely in the home with the baby,” Chyna says. Paige speak her not to worry around it and to worry around her health. The real concern here is, and Chyna says it straight to the camera, she can constantly rely top top Paige, and also she can’t always rely on Rob. Chyna speak Rob the she is sad around Paige moving out and he comforts her. That is reassuring and also tells she that everything is walking to it is in alright.Rob is not just thinking about looking because that a new house; the is finally moving on a streetwear business deal. The takes Kourtney in addition to him to inspect out several of the merchandise. Plunder is genuinely excited. He has actually been stringing his girlfriend Nick along for 4 years top top this project. “I’m thrilled and also fortunate the Nick is still under to do some stuff,” plunder says. He desires to placed his level from USC to good use. “I’m no going to disappear again,” plunder promises.At Chyna’s house, Rob fills her and also Paige in ~ above his brand-new deal. Chyna’s reaction is lukewarm, in ~ best. She doesn’t want him to shed his focus. She doesn’t desire him to execute too much. He states he’s trying come be more proactive. Her reaction confuses him.
Each illustration of Rob & Chyna contends least one fight in between the show’s namesakes. This week’s entails a drive-thru, chicken sandwiches, and French fries. Plunder is driving. Chyna allows his fries loss on the floor of the car. Every hell division loose. Anyone watching to know the fight isn’t about fries or the passenger’s duties to the driver after ~ a pilgrimage through the drive-thru. They call each other names. He states she’s rude. She states he has a chemical imbalance. It’s not pretty, and it isn’t funny to watch.

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After the fight, Rob, in his interview segment, says, “I don’t blame her because, obviously, ns haven’t shed the weight prefer I told myself i would.” yet he states he does nice points for her, and he doesn’t feel choose he gets credit for them. Again, not around the French fries.Chyna check in through her crew to view if she missed the mark with Rob and was too hard on him. At dinner v Sam and Paige, Chyna and Paige tell Sam about Rob’s brand-new business venture. Chyna says she is worried around him taking on as well much. Paige, prefer we’ve involved expect and also love, is a voice of reason. “For the very first time in a minute, he seemed confident about something, and she shot him down,” Paige tells Sam. Sam is with Paige here. “I say support him,” Sam says.In she interview segment, Chyna admits come the camera that perhaps she’s the one that’s not prepared for them to relocate in with each other yet. (see above, not around the French fries.)Rob disappears for many of the remainder of the episode. He blocks Chyna and every one of his family members on his phone. No one knows wherein he is or what he is doing. Throughout this rob blackout, Chyna reaches out to Paige. Paige asks her directly up if she is going to rest up with Rob. Chyna doesn’t have a direct answer, but she does know that lock shouldn’t be living together right now. She asks Paige to stay in the house and Paige agrees, yet one more reason Paige is an all-star.Chyna, even with plunder gone, gets it with each other to go to Rob’s grandmother’s birthday party in san Diego. To she credit, she walks into a room with all of Rob’s sisters and his mom without him. “This is the an ext mature thing,” she explains, no wanting over there to be rifts in ~ the family, at the very least not over this. She and also Kim step external to talk. Kim speak Chyna what she currently knows: This a pattern with Rob, and also he’s been doing it for years.Rob lastly shows increase in the last 5 minutes, but not in ~ his fiancée’s house. Rob shows up in ~ his mom’s house. “Where have actually you been?” Kris asks. It turns out he checked out Las Vegas. “Y’all pissed me turn off on Sunday. So, I just blocked everyone,” he says, choose a disgruntled teenager. Kris is emotional. She is upset the he clogged her. She doesn’t seem to care around the mom of his kid or his brothers being blocked or the reality that the ran far to ras Vegas. “You’re mine son. What to be I supposed to perform with my pain?” Kris asks, tears welling up. “The an ext you pull far the more tough and more painful that is for me.” Anyone know if the Calabasas ar Theater is reasoning of staging Sophocles’ Oedipus whenever soon?