Former Calgarian Steve Venegas look at so lot like Iron guy that part media outlets have mistakenly supplied his picture instead that the actual Robert Downey Jr. Photo in their stories.

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The original film still featuring Robert Downey Jr., left, beside his Canadian doppelgänger, Steve Venegas. The photoshopped picture on the right has actually been erroneously used numerous times through media outlets, says Venegas. (Tumblr)
Since he was a teenager, world have been telling Steve Venegas the he looks choose Robert Downey Jr..

\"I guess: v our encounters aged together, since it simply kept keep going — especially after I thrived facial hair,\" stated the Calgary-born comedian and also podcast producer, who also works for in Vancouver.

But the wasn't until his mam took a movie quiet from the Hollywood blockbuster, iron Man, and substituted his face for the actor's that things gained weird. 


Steve Venegas, who grew up in Calgary, claims he has actually posed together Robery Downey Jr. For photographs with fans. 'Who am i to rotate down the adoring public?' he joked. (Steve Venegas/Facebook)

The fake Robert Downey Jr. Photograph was shared online after gift featured in an post for Calgary's BeatRoute Magazine.

Then Venegas received an email from a friend with a connect to a story on about the wealthiest fictional characters. 

\"At No. 5 to be Tony Stark. But it wasn't Tony Stark, it to be me.\"

A couple of Google searches later, Venegas discovered that dozens of significant media outlets had actually made the same mistake. 

They just couldn't call the difference between the original movie still and the fake one, special Venegas.

\"It's even been attached to an article where it was question and answer v Robert Downey Jr., yet it to be my face,\" he said.

Venegas is pretty sure the celebrity doesn't even know this is happening.

\"I don't think he reads his very own press. But I'm hoping he go at some point.\"

 Until then, that doesn't have a trouble posing as Robert Downey Jr. For photographs with fans.

\"Who am ns to turn down the adoring public?\"'s Journalistic Standards and also Practices|About News
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