Rocket league is accessible on several different platforms, and every one of them market exclusive vehicles. However which of this is the best?

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split picture of Hogsticker, Mario NSR, and Sweet this cars in Rocket League
because its relax in mid-2015, Psyonix's Rocket organization has emphatically sped ~ above the gaming scene and also established itself as among the most famous multiplayer titles of the decade. With gameplay that's fast-paced and also appealing, this car soccer romp has excelled both as an esports phenom and also a go-to for online play and also social gatherings.

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among its key draws — exterior of the thrilling, addictive multiplayer showdowns — is the large lineup of distinct vehicles, skins, and also other cosmetics flair because that gamers to show off. Psyonix has provided incentive to endure the game on different platforms with a handful of communication exclusives. These cool car showcase the distinct character of each console and also serve together fitting representations of their corresponding platforms, through themes based upon iconic IPs. Looking beyond fan biases, picking the best one can be tough, specifically given the selection of designs and mechanics that come through each car.

6 Mario NSR – Switch

Rocket organization Mario NSR near up v star trail in air
Mamma mia! A Mario-related entry actually comes up short? Nintendo's famed platforming mascot admittedly renders for a great fit once it involves the similarly thrilling, available romp that is Rocket League. And also there's a lot come love about this charming Mario-themed car, native its colorful visual to its smooth, even-keeled mechanics.

Like many of the platform-exclusive models currently released, the body type is that of one Octane, which generally prove an ext reliable, solid, and versatile ~ above the Rocket organization arena. This is thanks to a hitbox the is favorable for many functions and to various styles of play. Still, the auto does absence some of the detail and also awesome personal flair that many other platform exclusives have. It's rather minimal once it involves its build and also design—though this is partly consisted of for by its dazzling supervisor Star rocket boost.

Rocket organization Luigi NSR flying v air at night
choose his brother, Luigi's own auto leaves a little to be preferred in terms of distinctive traits and design. However while the much more timid mascot often tends to take it a backseat come Mario, in this rarely circumstance, he pipeline him in the dust through an Octane car that comes in a sleeker, more visually appealing green.

of course, this one is often selected because that the player through default, gift the de-facto Blue team vehicle compared to the Mario Orange team variant. Still, adhering to their November 2017 relax on Switch, this tends to be the auto of choice much more often than no for Nintendo fans.

Both the Mario and also Luigi NSR vehicles are available to switch players best out the the gate, inquiry nothing to unlock them.

Rocket organization Gears of battle Armadillo automobile flinging dust together it transforms on grassy arena
Lock and also Load! Amidst a large lineup of enjoyable virtual games, Xbox One football player are offered this enticing reason to dive into Rocket organization on their platform, with a automobile bearing the theme of a clip Xbox IP. Fans of the third-person shooter Gears of war will acknowledge this APC, used to move the upstream COG squads and assist Marcus and firm in acquisition out Locust hordes.

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In beforehand 2016, this car plowed its way onto the Rocket league scene to similarly aid players in shooting objectives rather than guns. When the vehicle is thematically neat—particularly because that diehard Gears gunners—its small, compact build won't be for everyone. Regardless of its Octane body type, some fans have remarked on its reasonably stiff, clunky feel, i beg your pardon isn't fine suited because that beginners. It's likewise a little bit jarring to watch this as soon as massive car in a comparatively minuscule kind here.

The Armadillo is unlocked through finishing whole season in the single-player Season Mode.

Rocket league blue gloriole HogSticker displayed on grassy field
Halo players — specifically multiplayer veterans — know of the Warthog's propensity to fly roughly in a somewhat loose, semi-controlled fashion. This floaty, free-and-loose physics have plenty that commonality v those in Rocket League, which provides this iconic car all the more fitting ~ above Xbox One's version. This UNSC car may excel when it comes to zipping across the map and mowing under unsuspecting aliens. Yet it's additionally pretty solid together a Rocket league car, even in a much more competitive play field.

Not just is its instantly recognizable style awesome, however it also proves a reliable, mechanically sound car. The bulky build may resemble a Hybrid or even a Merc, but this Hogsticker is in reality an Octane. Therefore while that size enables it to muscle its way around the court, it's also fairly well-rounded and also smooth. And who have the right to resist those sleek, gold-rimmed tires and also intimidating turret?

The Hogsticker is unlocked after play one match with every common body, as well as every consisted of Premium body in the Collector's Edition.

Sony fans absolutely don't acquire left out of the fun v this blast native the past. Back in the earlier days of PlayStation, Twisted steel captivated players through its distinctive style, intense competitive gameplay, and also relentless action. Demolition derby vet Sweet tooth emphatically bursts onto the Rocket league scene v his sweet brand truck. This PS4 exclusive is one the the coolest draft in the game—and it's especially fitting provided the overlap of Twisted Metal's automotive combat chaos.

favor the Hogsticker, this auto has the advantage of gift a physical presence and also powerhouse, while having that flexible Octane build. It also looks quite intimidating to opponents, through a wobbling image of the stunner clown staring under those in his wake.

This auto can be unlocked after playing one enhance with every usual body.

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This sleek, out-of-this-world automobile for move is difficult to match in many areas. Not just is this Metroid-based auto a looker, yet it also boasts a nice, aerodynamic build perfect because that zipping across the arena and soaring through the air. The gunship the this alien-slaying bounty hunter also has the difference of being the only platform exclusive to bear the Dominus kind rather than the much more typical Octane.

The Dominus construct gives this vehicle some distinctive traits and also a defensive advantage with its bigger surface area, when disrupting foes on offense as well. Prefer Samus herself, this auto can create ample power and also inflict some pain on adversaries it clashes with. Together a bonus, this vehicle is laced with few of the coolest-looking wheels and also a hypnotic glowing wave Beam rocket boost.

The bounty hunter's awesome ride can be unlocked after ~ completing a particular threshold that matches.

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