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Romeo  Juliet's ABC book and Letter A Abhor The word way to hate or feel excessive repugnance for someone or something. The two households feel the for each other. Letter B Balthazar He is Romeo's loyal servant. He's the one who told Romeo the Juliet to be dead. Letter C Complication The very first tragic facet in the play. It's as soon as Juliet and also Romeo autumn in love. Letter D Destiny One that the main themes in the play. Romeo and Juliet's story was based upon this theme. Letter E Exquisite What Juliet is come Romeo. Letter F Fortune's Fool Romeo's famed line. This heat is regarded destiny, crucial theme in the play. Letter G Grief Strong feeling of sadness due to distress or loss. Lady Montague died feeling the over Romeo's banishment. Letter H Households A house and its residents regarded together a unit. In the play there are two households; Montague and Capulet Letter I Inconstant moon During the balcony step , Romeo swore by the moon the he love Juliet and she stated he cannot swear by that because it's not constant. Letter J Jocund The word method being cheerful and also lighthearted, a feeling Romeo experienced after he gained married. Letter K Kill There's a lot of civilization killing each other for no actual reasons in the play and there is additionally the saying love kills and also that's what wake up to Romeo and Juliet. Letter L friar Lawrence Catholic Priest and Romeo and also Juliet's helper. Letter M Mercutio Romeo's best friend, obtained killed by Tybalt Letter N Nurse Capulet's servant and she's the one that pratically raised Juliet. Letter O Orchard  Romeo was hiding from Benvolio and Mercutio there, it's likewise close to Juliet's balcony. Letter P Poison Romeo eliminated himself v poison after that bought the from the Apothecary. Letter Q Quarrel It is fighting or arguing. The two households keep top top quarreling. Letter R Reversal The second tragic aspect in the play. It's when Romeo acquired banished. Letter S Sleeping potion Juliet took a sleeping potion to avoid the wedding v Paris and also to run away v Romeo, the one she important loves. Letter T Thwart Friar Lawrence thwarted Romeo for going to rapid with Juliet. Letter U Unbalanced A word the portrays fine Juliet and Romeo's relationship. Too much passion, not sufficient reasoning.  Letter V Violent delights have actually violent ends Friar Lawrence's famous line, he said that before marrying Juliet and also Romeo. It describes perfectly Juliet and Romeo's relationship. Letter W Wherefore arts thou Romeo? Juliet's well known line. She says that throughout the balcony scene. She wishes Romeo wasn't Romeo, that he wasn't her enemy because she is currently in love. Letter X eXile Romeo acquired exiled from Verona after killing Tybalt. Letter Y Young love Romeo and also Juliet room both young. Young love is characterized by a most passion, do impulsive decisions and also that's what there connection was. Letter Z Zeal That word method wanting miscellaneous or someone really hard. Romeo's zeal because that Juliet and vice-versa placed them in a bad situation. ~The End~
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