any that the wild or cultivated, generally prickly-stemmed, pinnate-leaved, showy-flowered shrubs the the genus Rosa.Compare climbed family.
the traditional reddish color of this flower, variously a purplish red, pinkish red, or irradiate crimson.

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Heraldry. A depiction of a wild climbed with 5 petals, usually seeded and also barbed in a symmetrical design and used especially as the cadency mark of a saturday son.
any of assorted diagrams showing directions radiating native a common center, as a compass map or wind rose.
Jewelry. an useless gem format or cut, flat on the bottom and having an top side through from 12, or fewer, come 32 triangle facets. A gem v this cut.
a perforated cap or plate, as at the finish of a pipe or the spout of a watering pot, to rest a circulation of water right into a spray.
Mathematics. A plane polar curve consists of three or much more equal loops that accomplish at the origin. Equation: r = a sin(nθ) or r = a cos(nθ).
No fire engine reds here, only a fierce repertoire of vibrant words because that the shade red come test you yourself on.
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come out smelling like a rose, to escape negative consequences, particularly to find one’s good reputation unaffected through a negative situation or scandalous association.
come up roses, to revolve out every right; an outcome in success, glory, or profit: in spite of setbacks, things have to come up roses in the long run.
First recorded before 900; center English; Old English rōse, native Latin rosa; perhaps via Etruscan ruze, rusi, a noun of uncertain meaning, native Greek rhodéa “rosebush,” native rhódon “rose”
Roscian, Roscius, roscoe, roscoelite, Roscommon, rose, rose acacia, Roseanna, climbed aphid, climbed apple, roseate
a pale pink wine resembling white wine in taste, make from red grapes by removed the skins from the must before fermentation is completed.
First videotaped in 1425–75; native French: literally, “pink”; the variant blush wine very first recorded in 1980–85

The rose is a bulbous, fragrant flower the comes in many different varieties and also colors, including red, white, pink, and also yellow. Castle are amongst the world’s many popular and best-known flowers.

The indigenous rose can likewise refer come the tree on i beg your pardon roses grow, a shrub that’s frequently called a rosebush. Many rose plants room perennial shrubs. Roses are known for having sharp thorn on their stems.

Roses belong come the genus Rosa, which contains many different varieties and cultivated varieties. Roses are renowned in gardens, specifically formal ones.

The kind of roses most generally given as presents are called hybrid tea roses. This are especially given together a prize of romantic love, such as on unique occasions choose anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Different colour of roses are claimed to symbolize different things, particularly when provided as gifts. While all roses are linked with romantic love, red roses have specifically strong association. White roses can be supplied to represent innocence, while yellow roses have the right to be offered to stand for friendship.

The rose is among the June birth flower (a flower that’s linked with a details month in the same method as a birthstone).

The native rose is also used to describe a color—variously a pinkish red, a purplish red, or a dark crimson (all of which have the right to be colors of roses). The related adjective rosy is provided to explain a reddish or pinkish tinge, frequently of skin, together in rosy cheeks.

Unrelatedly, words rose is likewise the previous tense the the verb rise.

Example: I understand that sending out a dozen red roses is a cliché, yet my wife loves them.

The very first records of the word rose come from prior to the year 900. It comes from the Latin rosa, i m sorry is related to rhódon, the old Greek surname for a rose.

Roses are indigenous to various locations in Asia and other places throughout the north Hemisphere, consisting of North America, northern Africa, and Europe.

The rose has widespread cultural significance about the world. The is the nationwide flower of England and also is the state flower of new York, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Georgia.

Several idioms and also expressions contain words rose.

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come stop and also smell the roses is to take time to reap life and also its simple pleasures. To look at something v rose-colored glasses is to view a situation in an idealized way, without see any negative aspects. The expression every rose has actually its thorn means that even beautiful things or hopeful experiences have flaws. Come come increase smelling choose roses is to arise unscathed indigenous a an unfavorable situation.