For the engagement of among our favorite couples, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Jason Statham, we’re fallout’s in love all over again.

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Rosie stepped out wearing a gorgeous 5-carat round diamond in a platinum setup with tiny diamonds built into the tasteful setting. Follow to reports, the diamond to be flawless due to the truth that Jason want the diamond to complement his bride to be.


About the ring

Beginning in the center, the 5-carat perfect diamond is a standard choice. The rather huge diamond is cradled in 4 dual prongs at north, east, south, and also west, providing it a distinct appeal and also a an ext stable setting.

Just below the facility diamond are smaller diamonds that wrap roughly the base of the ring and make it shine indigenous every angle. Followed closely by 5 or 6 tiny diamonds that run down the shank, the engagement ring is built to attract attention come the center diamond.

With platinum being a naturally white and very heavy metal, no expense was forgive when creating this setting. The platinum adds security to hold the diamonds tightly in place and gives the have fun of perfection.


Designing your own

Though we love everything about Rosie’s ring, we can make part suggestions that will make her ring attainable come own.

The perfect diamond is a rare and really expensive choice that have the right to be conveniently substituted through a diamond that clarity in between VVS2 and SI2. This clarities look at the very same to the naked eye and also carry a much reduced price tag.

Also, 5-carats is a most weight to put on a finger; a 1-carat ring diamond keeps the wow factor and also maintains the standard appeal. If you desire something a little more shocking, also a 2-carat diamond will drop jaws without having actually a bank account the dimension of Jason’s.

The setting for this diamond would look perfect because that a 5-carat or a 1-carat diamond in white gold rather of platinum. Through the close resemblance of white gold and platinum, girlfriend wouldn’t be able to see the difference

Whether you are in search of your own personal Rosie ring or simply want to use parts of the ring to create your own, us will assist you with every step of the design. 

How much would such a ring cost?

While it is reported the Jason Statham paid about $350.000 (or around 330.000 EUR), this ring might be obtainable at lot cheaper prices!

Let’s to speak we usage a 0.50cts diamond v H colour and SI2 clarity, the ring would price 2.500 EUR.

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If we want to walk slightly bigger, choose 0.70cts, price would start at 3.300 EUR.