If there is one thing to it is in said about Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s style, it’s the she’s mastered the art of a cohesive, swoon-worthy look. She’s the poster girl because that effortless chic, never showing up to be trying too difficult but constantly leaving us saying, “why didn’t we think of the outfit?”.

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The supermodel/actress/mom should also include ‘style superstar’ come her list of titles, through a look that is one component classic, one part rock and roll, and also all parts elevated minimalism. 

Her animal leather skinny jeans and also statement jackets give her look some edge, while she go-to flowing sweaters, dresses and also tops include an aspect of feminintiy. The comparison between the two, linked with an ext neutral palettes, administer the rundown for her signature cool-girl style. She commonly errs top top the side of ‘less is more’, mixing and also matching an easy pieces to produce a sleek look.


If you want to learn exactly how to dress choose Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and also recreate she effortless format for yourself, we’re below to help! her look is practically formulaic, i beg your pardon takes a lot of the guesswork out of what come wear. It likewise makes it the much less complicated to come incorporate her fashion strategies right into your everyday wardrobe.

What she’s mastered above all rather is specifying her unique sense that style and also determining what she desires her article to say. If girlfriend haven’t excellent this for yourself, provide it a shot – it’s the an initial place to start when structure your signature look. Once you’ve identified your message, the becomes the much much easier to pick clothing the fits the criteria.


Scanning v a couple of of Whiteley’s photos would make friend think that whatever she wears come from the same designer. This is absolutely not an accident. She’s master the art of the capsule wardrobe, wherein everythig pairs through each other and also easily mixes and matches. This is the primary advantage of acquiring clear about your feeling of style – it way that all the pieces in your closet have actually a unifrom look. When we teach ours clients about the ideal fashion tips because that women, this lesson is in ~ the top of the list.

Even if friend aren’t working with a personal Stylist, you can put these techniques in place for yourself, which will help you gain clear on your article in bespeak to construct a comprehensive capsule wardrobe.

If Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s layout is one you’d prefer to emulate, examining her looks and the way she bag items together, will offer you too many of insight into how you have the right to adapt her effortlessly chic vibe because that youself. Trial and also error is the best way to strategy developing your an individual style and also figuring out what works for you.

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To aid you gain inspired, scroll under for several of her most stylish outfits, and also let Rosie be her go-to for off-duty street style.