Round and also Round the planet is Turning


Round and round the planet is turning,Turning constantly into morning,And indigenous morning into night.

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Our books feature songs in the original languages, v translations right into English. Plenty of include beautiful illustrations, comment by simple people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music. Your purchase will aid us keep our site online!

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(108 Poems & Songs, 199 Pages, with web links To Recordings)This publication is all about bugs! bug rhymes, pest poems and even a couple of pest songs. Part are brief to enjoy with young kids. Some are longer and tell a totality story. Many of the songs and also poems encompass links to web pages where you deserve to listen come recordings - and sometimes also watch video clip performances!You"ll uncover 108 poems and songs, including:• The Spider and The Fly• There was a punishment Sat ~ above a Wall• The Itsy Bitsy Spider• 1, 2, 3, Me Mother recorded a Flea• Shoo Fly, Don"t bother Me• The Hearse Song• The Cooties and also the BedbugsAnd countless more!THIS IS A downloadable EBOOK accessible INSTANTLY.Order Here!

Nursery luck Favorites - A Mama Lisa eBook

100 favourite (300+ Pages), countless with paper Music and also Links come Recordings!

In Nursery happiness Favorites we"ve gathered over 100 beloved mommy Goose songs & rhymes.

This ebook includes:

• mother Goose songs, rhymes, lullabies, one games, and also finger plays

• full text of each rhyme

• commentary from plain people about what the poems have meant to their lives

• Illustrations

• web links to over 100 Recordings

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• Humpty Dumpty

• London Bridge

• The Itsy Bitsy Spider

• Ring about The Rosie

• Pat-a-cake

• In A Cabin In A Wood

• Bye infant Bunting

Over 50 lullabies and also recordings from anywhere the world. Every Lullaby consists of the full text in the original language, v an English translation. THIS IS A can be downloaded EBOOK obtainable INSTANTLY.