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Fright Fest starts September 24th and 2022 Season overcome are now Available! 

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Six Flags has updated that mask policy. In accordance with new guidance native the CDC and local and state recommendations, guests and team members who have been completely vaccinated versus COVID-19 will certainly no much longer be required to stay masks when in the parks. Consistent with CDC guidance, us will continue to recommend masks because that unvaccinated individuals, consisting of guests and team members. Additionally, temperature screenings, reservations and social distancing will certainly no longer be required.


Work While girlfriend Scare


Monsters wanted! six Flags is rental performers for Fright Fest. Need to be 16+. Text SCARE come 220-MONSTER come apply.

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Extreme Excitment


Brave evil Cyclone, obtain a rate rush ~ above BATMAN The Dark Knight, and also so much more! We have actually dozens of coasters and much more thrills come test her limit.

Hurricane Harbor: always Included


Beat the heat & cool off in rivers, waves, and also slides in our huge water park! included with park admission.

Dinosaurs: A go Thru Experience

Dinosaurs unleash destruction at 6 Flags new England on weekends and also select job April 10 - might 23!

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Chance come Win

Enter now for a possibility to win tickets come 2021 FRIGHT FEST, 2022 Season Passes, and your really own gravestone at six Flags!

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Whether you"re planning an office outing, family members reunion, or a funny day through friends, we have great rates for groups of 10 or more.

Safety Protocol Update

We"ve updated our safety actions in accordance v the CDC and also local health and wellness guidance.

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Safety overview

Thrills because that Everyone

From the tip of the new England SkyScreamer to the bottom of the Tea Cups, there"s excitement because that every family member!

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