It is the conflict that has separated a country and it all comes under to two words: i beg your pardon Ryan? us surveyed Canadians and 58 percent hearted Ryan Reynolds over Ryan Gosling, yet our office remains split. In an effort to resolve this name is than hot topic once and also for all, us asked 2 of our most esteemed partner to state their instance for both Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds and TBH, it to be a hard-fought battle.

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The case for Ryan Gosling

There are couple of things that division Canadians much more than the Ryan debate: is Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling the sexy hero of our northern land? fear no more, fellow Canucks, because I’m right here to clean up any dispute. Gosling is the only Ryan that matters.

Unlike the D-list Reynolds, Gosling is one actor with true talent. He makes us feel things. As secretly sensitive poor boy Luke in The Place beyond the Pines, Gosling made united state want come get challenge tattoos and also buy a motorcycle. In Drive, he made a life that crime look sexy. Together the hella’ romantic boy name in The Notebook, that made united state cry for two hours non-stop when convincing united state that true love does exist. What emotions has Reynolds ever before evoked except the urge to litter the TV the end the window any time Two Guys, a Girl and also a Pizza Place come on?

Speaking the talent, 36-year-old Gosling has won a gold GlobeReynolds has not. His duty as Sebastian in La La floor earned him one of THE highest AWARDS IN HOLLYWOOD. Exactly how are her MTV popcorn trophies keeping, Reynolds?

The man also has skills outside that acting. Gosling and his pal Zach Shields have a band referred to as Dead Man’s Bones, in i m sorry the hottie sings and also plays a bajillion instruments. Unlike most celeb-fueled bands, Pitchfork said the group’s self-titled debut album was in reality good. Reynolds, as per usual, falls quick in the musically inclined category. His painfully bad rendition that his ex-fiancée Alanis Morissette’s hit, Ironic, top top the Today display was one embarrassment because that him, her, and the entire nation. We must never forgive, or forget.

Gosling—bless his heart—is also a family man. The hunk has two half-Canadian cuties, Esmeralda and also Amada, through talented partner Eva Mendes—whom he fully supports professionally. As you might recall, Scarlett Johansson argued her marriage to Reynolds ended in 2011 because of his compete nature and jealousy of her career. Given the truth the pair to be together roughly the time Definitely, Maybe and also The Proposal to be released, it’s for sure to assume she wasn’t wrong.

As if you needed yet an additional reason to swoon, Gosling go legit humanitarian work. He’s been associated with the enough Project, an organization that proponents for peace and also justice in worn-torn locations in Africa, for much more than a decade. He’s visited refugee camps in Chad and spent time through the homeless in Uganda. It’s together if he’s i can not qualify of being a selfish person.

The God-given gift the is Ryan Gosling should not it is in taken because that granted. Together Canadians, we have to acknowledge and appreciate all he has—and proceeds to do—for us. No only has actually he provided his hometown London, Ont., a much-needed call boost, Gosling is proud to be from this humble land. The embodies every one of Canada’s necessary values, like an excellent hair, rugged charm and also an affinity because that plaid shirts. And also even despite Canada is a enormous country, geographically speaking, we only have room one Ryan in ours hearts—and that, mine friends, is Mr. Ryan Gosling. —Laura Hensley, staff writer 


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The case for Ryan Reynolds 

When asking oneself that the remarkable Canadian Ryan is, one would certainly be forgiven for jumping too conveniently to “Gosling, obvs.” he’s handsome, bashful, private and also pure meme-bait, no to mention a supervisor talented actor—what’s no to love, right? I obtain it! He’s nice wonderful. Don’t acquire me wrong, ns love and also appreciate the Gos! however there to be one handsome Canuck Ryan that came prior to him and damn it, it’s time we give him the respect he deserves.

His name is Ryan Reynolds and also as much as i’m concerned, the sun literally shines the end of his tight, hot dad ass. Sure, the hasn’t won a gold Globe and he’s pretty much been typecast together either the hot goof or a superhero however he’s tho numero uno come me. Below are six airtight reasons Reynolds is the superior Ryan (and do not even think about fighting me ~ above this, my arguments are nothing if not perfectly sound). TBD on even if it is I’ll be able to forgive my colleague and also former friend for her hurtful anti-Reynolds statements.

He’s funny in a method that Gosling could never dream (and, admittedly, might never want to be since he’s a respectable actor) 

OK, so perhaps I love university humour, for this reason sue me! (But in reality don’t, I’m totally aware my weakness for early on 2000s bro-comedies opens me up to considerable criticism). Reynolds is a silly, stunner man and I to be 100 percent always here because that it. View numbers 4 and 5.

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This write-up is component of The Canada Project, a representative inspection of Canadians from throughout the country. Friend can uncover out more right here.