Of all the dick pictures you can accidentally stumble across daily (hey, no judgement here), Ryan Reynolds‘ could well be the holy grail.

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And it turns out we’re every in with a chance of a glimpse, through Reynolds admitting last night top top Conan O’Brien the there’s a picture of his guy parts floating around online somewhere.

Listen to how Ryan tells it, here:

Reynolds called the story that how, once he was younger, his father would upload thousands of photos from about the residence each day and send them to friends and also family via dial-up broadband in the evenings.

“I’m no joking here, you’d have actually like 400 or 500 photos that a blurry meatloaf. And it would certainly take the gross domestic output of most counties just to download all of these dreadful files,” Reynolds joked.

So an 18-year-old Reynolds determined to conduct a tiny experiment, snapping a photo of the crown jewels through his dad’s camera.

Blake Lively: acquainted with the items in question.

“I just wanted to watch if he would certainly naturally modify the photos at part point,” the explained. “Nope.”

Those devoted to clicking with his dad’s day-to-day photo upload would have recorded a glimpse that Ryan’s meat and two veg instead of the normal meatloaf.


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“I hope it doesn’t happen, but there’s a penis snapshot of mine floating about somewhere,” Reynolds admits.

Bringing a new an interpretation to “Dad Bod”.

He insists girlfriend shouldn’t obtain too excited about the prospect of capturing a glimpse, though.

“I’ve heard of civilization who room like, sexting and also stuff, and who’ll send a picture of a penis. I can’t think of anything an ext threatening to send a woman than a snapshot of a penis.”

Threatening or thrilling? I assumption: v we’ll never know.*

*Unless somebody princetoneclub.orgbs with the entire internet in pursuit. Simply an idea. Any kind of takers?

Want to check out some picture of Ryan through the woman who actually it s okay to see his peen on the daily? Click through the collection below. 

Blake and also Ryan in ~ Cannes film Festival.
Blake's pregnant announcement.
Blake and also Ryan at the green Lantern Premiere.HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 15: actors Blake lively (L) and also Ryan Reynolds arrive at the "Green Lantern" Los Angeles Premiere organized at in ~ Grauman's Chinese Theatre top top June 15, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo through Lester Cohen/WireImage)
Blake LivelyBlake Lively the end in new York, generally being a format icon.
Blake pregnant ~ above the red carpet.attends L'Oreal Paris' Ninth yearly Women Of precious Celebration in ~ The Pierre Hotel ~ above December 2, 2014 in brand-new York City.
Blake Lively
Blake Lively
Blake Lively
Blake Lively
Blake Lively
Blake Lively, rocking pregnant fashion. (Photo: Instagram)
Blake Lively throughout her pregnancy. (Photo: Getty)

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Drop everything. It’s the first photo of Blake Lively and also Ryan Reynolds’ infant girl.

Blake Lively and also Ryan Reynolds just discovered Photoshop. And also it’s glorious.

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Blake Lively has sent a tweet to Ryan Reynolds. It is confusing.

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