Country music heartthrob Sam hunt shocked his fans as soon as he stepped out with a perform that is strikingly different from his standard pompadour-esqe look. 

It seems that the distinguished former style has been simplified into a studly buzz that is having Hunt’ pan buzzing all on the own!

A fan picture of hunt was recently snapped showcasing the new look, and we can’t say we aren’t fans. Although it’s safe to speak Hunt has actually the rare capability to traction off any kind of appearance modification, we are really love this new and low maintain look! 


Woah..what execute you guys think the

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SamHuntMusic‘s shaved head?

— K92.3 Orlando (
K923Orlando) July 18, 2016


However, hunting has always been avidly on optimal of the recent fashion trends and dos, so it’s no surprised that the star decided to revamp his image!

Just last year Hunt determined to take it the clean shaven route once he said his grandmother, “in the sweet grandmother sort of way“, permit him know that she wasn’t a supporter of the beard and also suggested the Hunt speak “Goodbye” come the beard. 

Regardless, hunt tells resources that he’s embarking on a new chapter entailing a variety of personal changes. Well, Hunt, we’re certainly digging this one!


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