So one thing in specific that has actually been on mine mind every day for the previous month is mine SPINE. I’m blogging around this because I want human being to understand more about scoliosis. Sometimes world feel weird around asking me what’s wrong v my earlier so here’s a perfectly clear explanation!

In 2005, ns was diagnosed with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. Scoliosis is measure by the angle of the thoracic (upper) and also lumbar (lower) vertebrae of the spine. The typical person’s curvature is 0/0 degrees (0 thoracic(upper) and also 0 lumbar (lower)).

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So I saw a pediatric orthopedic doctor and from that time began wearing a ago brace (specifically a boston brace) because that 20 hours every day-I would just take it off for showering/swimming, and also exercising.


It to be custom-fitted to my torso, do of hard plastic ~ above the outside and lots the padding on the inside, with 3 big velcro straps ~ above the back. Many of mine friends didn’t understand I wore it due to the fact that I go my ideal to hide it, yet the friends ns did call joked with me about it…specifically by punching me in the stomach ~ above purpose because I had abs of “steel” the were really simply plastic!

This brace was meant to save the curvature of mine spine from acquiring worse, but unfortunately ~ wearing it 20 hours a day because that 4 years and also 12 hrs a work for one more year mine spine had, in fact, worsened. 

By this time, the curvature of my spine to be 50 degrees/50 degrees, perfectly also on the top and also bottom. Ironically 50 levels is the “magic number” for scoliosis patients to gain surgery .


Patients frequently get surgical procedure for cosmetics reasons-so luckily, due to the fact that my spine to be a perfect “S,” the was no visible native the exterior that my scoliosis to be so severe and therefore walk not acquire surgery!

It was at this point that ns was told ns wouldn’t have to wear my brace anymore and I was THE the happiest girl in the world. My back had obtained progressively worse, but I no much longer needed come wear a brace and that was sufficient for me at the time. Above all, ns was relieved to be out of a brace. At the very same time, I had actually to discover a new, “normal"” (non-pediatric) doctor. The combination of these two events made me think that I would no longer need to worry around my spine again.

All that adjusted when I acquired to college and also experience severe back pain. Ns knew mine spine was the reason of it and decided it was time to see a real doctor who knew what he was doing and would actually fix my curved spine.

In January, the mainly before second semester started right here at, i went to check out a specialized doctor in ~ Scoliosis Systems, in NYC by recommendation of a friend. My very first appointment with them it is long 5 hours, during which time lock took number of x-rays and scans of mine back, reflecting me how my spine was curved/rotated, just how this influenced my posture, and the things I might do to settle my posture.

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That week, I entered NYC to view my medical professional 4 different days during which I:

1. Saw their office for 10 hrs of physical therapy. There ns learned certain a-symmetric yoga exercises and breathing exercises for my spine specifically, called the Schroth method. To develop the muscle ~ above the appropriate side of mine spine, I’m claimed to perform these exercises because that 1 hour every day. This is why mine dorm room right now looks prefer a yoga studio:


2. I got yet ANOTHER earlier brace. Who knew I’d be in one more brace again in my life? I assumed I to be done through these wretched things! My brand-new one looks very different from the critical one:


It entails lots of complex velcro straps and also feels so UNCOMFORTABLE yet its just an additional thing I’ll have actually to gain used to. Since I’m wearing this 20 hrs every day, I’ve had to readjust my wardrobe in order to hide it which is easy now in the cold winter, but won’t it is in so easy throughout the summer!

All in all, going to this new doctor is the best decision ns made. Although the takes a most time and also commitment, wearing a brace all the time especially, ns just need to keep recall myself the its for the best. Scoliosis is something that will influence me because that the remainder of mine life and anything I have the right to do now to assist it will only benefit me tomorrow.