Borderlands Quest overview – Toil and Trouble Pt 2

Mortar’s buzzard, Boombringer needs to be damaged to piss the off sufficient to bring the elevator down. Brick points friend in the direction that Cramfist’s Foundry to uncover the hangar. You’ll an initial need come cross with the bandit infested key Street Reservoir to reach the hangar. You can discover the reservoir v the south of smoking cigarettes Guano Grotto. Bandits will begin attacking friend immediately. Overcome the river as soon as their cleared, yet be careful as numerous threshers patrol the waters. Once across you’ll have to fight one uphill battle against droves the bandits. Usage the number of elemental barrels to deal some extra damage to the large groups the bandits.

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Once at the top of the hill you’ll discover yourself at Cramfist’s Foundry. The the hangar will be on your left marked by the objective suggest on your map. Over there are an ext bandits patrolling the area, however you’ll require to compete with two powerful turrets guarding the hangar. Clear out the bandits then transition your emphasis to the turrets. Usage a rocket launcher come make quick work the them. If girlfriend don’t have a rocket launcher try using something caustic or grenades to ruin them.


Climb the actions to the hangar. You can discover Mortar’s personal buzzard in the northern part of the hangar. Take out the bandits, buzzards and turrets to hit the switch and raise Boombringer up from the hangar. Brick suggests you must walk away and not look at the explosion to look like a badass. This frightens Mortar having actually him recklessly meet you in ~ the bottom the the elevator once you reach cigarette smoking Guano Grotto. No matter how you resolve it go back to the elevator and prepare to ascend the Inferno Tower.

You can take a faster way by complying with a conveyor belt south of the stairs from the hangar steps. You’ll have to fight a couple of bandits and Mortar to lastly reach the elevator. Mortar has some weak shields, yet his wellness bar high allowing him to take it a beating. Use incendiary weaponry to transaction extra damage and also put him down quickly. Fight the elevator switch and also take it as much as the Buzzards Nest. Brick will carry in his slabs with the explosives, but he’s walk to require you to attend to the Sawteeth’s air support. Take the end the bandit ~ above the ground before you start completing with the 5 buzzards. Have actually a an excellent caustic weapon and also make use of covering to deal with each one.

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After the buzzards space dealt with, collection beacons on every crate that explosives so his Slabs recognize what to pick up. After his troops pick up the explosives you have the right to head earlier to Eridium Blight. Use the Catch-A-Ride to the right of the Sawtooth Cauldron entrance and also drive ago towards Arid Nexus. Together you do your technique Brick’s Slabs will certainly blow open the enntrance gate to Arid Nexus. Walk through and also turn in the mission at a little module ideal by the entrance you came v to finish Toil and Trouble. Time to hit the Hyperion info Stockade and also figure out whereby the Warrior is hidden.