Sean Penn and Charlize Theron’s After-Party PDA … and Other Oscar Travesties indigenous This Week’s Tabloids


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The finest of Us Weekly

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Make out at Madonna’s Oscar Party: Man, the is either really chill the Madonna, or really tacky of Sean and Charlize, or both. “Oscar winners Penn, 53, and also Theron, 38, were making out like crazy and all over each other on the dance floor. They to be the talk of the party. Even Madonna noticed!” and we every know just how much Madonna loves not being the center of attention! Madonna play it cool and walked “around the party trying to gain everyone come dance.” Stars, they’re just like high school.

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Kimye set a Wedding Date!: They will marry “in Paris, France, on Saturday, might 24.” CLEAR her CALENDARS, EVERYONE. Kim told Ryan Seacrest it would be “a super, super small, intimate wedding.” LOL yeah right. “As we go along, we’re realizing we want it to be smaller and much more intimate than world are imagining and thinking.” So, simply a pair of gold-plated doves and the palace of Versailles? “I simply can’t believe I’m engaged,” stated Kim. “… Again,” said everyone else.

Justin Bieber posts a Pic that Selena Gomez ~ above His Instagram: that reposted a picture of Selena at the Vanity Fair Oscars party with the caption “Most elegant princess in the world.” Bizzle, space you certain you’re drinking sufficient lean? since you sound thirstyyyyyyy.

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton: that is quiet trying to acquire her back. She is end it. “Robin want to conserve their marriage, yet it to be Paula’s selection and she finished it. Robin does not want this divorce.” the made as much clear during his concert in Atlantic City. He comment to a pan who claimed “I love Paula!” by saying “I execute too,” and then launching right into Al Green’s “Let’s continue to be Together.” ~ above February 27, he also tried to get the audience top top Team Thicke by saying, “For y’all the don’t know, me and my mam separated however I’m trying to obtain my girl back. She’s a good woman.” possibly you shouldn’t have been for this reason blatant about cheating on she then, rumored open marriage or no. Also, they’ve to be together since high school. That happens.

Joe and Teresa Giudice to walk to Jail for Fraud: The genuine housewife of brand-new Jersey and also her husband room awaiting sentencing. “Teresa pleaded guilty to four counts the money fraud and Joe to five. The cookbook writer faces in between 21 and also 27 months in prison and her husband encounters up to 46.” Those are decreased from the potential punish of 50 years each. They are hoping to serve time separately to have the ability to keep parenting your daughters. Not sure that’s gonna paris in court.

The ideal of the Rest

Are Lupita Nyong’o and Michael Fassbender Dating? The Sun thinks so. “Michael to be physically demonstrative with Lupita throughout the ceremony, and sources claim the co-stars were as soon as lovers.” Wait, were, or are? “Michael is will on showing how he desires to gain serious again and made a allude of pass his mum Adele come the Oscars quite than a date. Lupita’s the most in-demand mrs in the human being at the minute so it will be tough to do it work however their chemistry is undeniable.” What walk this selfie make you think?

There Will never Be a Fat Bachelor, claims Chris Harrison (The brand-new York time Magazine): Harrison said he would certainly never consider “a less hunky Bachelor, like probably a chubby guy,” responding, “No. You know why? because that’s no attractive, and television is a very visual medium, and I understand that sounds terrible to say, however I know that in ~ 42, in the eyes of television, I’m old and also unattractive.” Well, you’re still on TV anyway, kris Harrison, and maybe us should expand the meaning of beauty a tiny bit more, ya know. He’s also against having a gay Bachelor, however for various reasons 보다 homophobic Juan Pablo. “The question is: Is that a good business decision? I just spoke in ~ USC the other night and I defined it choose this: ‘Look, if you’ve to be making pizzas because that 12 years and also you’ve made millions of dollars and everybody loves her pizzas and someone comes and also says, ‘Hey, you must make hamburgers.’ Why?’ I have a good business model, and I don’t know if hamburgers space going to sell.” kris Harrison, what you’ve simply said is one of the many insanely idiotic things I have ever before heard. At no suggest in her rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be thought about a rational thought. Anyone in this room is now dumber for having actually listened come it. I award girlfriend no points, and may God have mercy on her soul.

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Juan Pablo’s secret Life Exposed (Life & Style) “His ex states he’s negative in bed” and also “He still stays with his mom!”

Katy Perry & john Mayer are Still split (In Touch) “Katy dumped John since she was unsure if that was continuing to be faithful.” She supposedly uncovered texts he sent out to a “24 year old SoulCycle instructor” and freaked out. Katy “always thinks man is either going to cheat or is cheating.” yet she could be paranoid because that a reason!

Star Doubles under on In Touch‘s John and also Katy Story: It also cites a 24-year-old spin class instructor by the surname of Lauren McHale as the factor the music super-couple split. “John isn’t specifically torn up over being dumped — he’s gotten fed up with partying and also how she constantly wears a diamond ring on she left hand to create relationship buzz. ‘They have fully broken up and he’s moved out,’ the source adds. ‘Katy is a wreck."” She does seem pretty miserable on her existing Australian press tour.

All About Oscar Winner Matthew McConaughey (People) “My life external my job is extremely enriching. So i am letting that feed mine work, and letting my work-related feed my life.” Richard Linklater says McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves, is the reason for the season; “she will technique it as, ‘What go Matthew want?’ That’s the direction she pushes him.” Is Camila the mystery Claire Underwood behind the McConaissance?

Blind items of the Week

“Somehow she gained this idea planted in she head that she to be going to it is in this Actor’s date to the Oscars. So, approximately a month ago, she told all of her friends that she to be going, and planned the end her dress and hair and also makeup. That did that take as his date? not her! She cry (not in prior of him, however to she girlfriends) once she discovered out. While she did display up at the same parties, an excellent luck finding a picture of them with each other as a couple. Yes, he have the right to be sort of remote that way. And it seems that the much more distant the is, the more she goes running after him! once are his girlfriends going come learn? They room all interchangeable and also replaceable arm candy.” (Blind Gossip)

“Which Hollywood A-lister’s latest companion is a very, very expensive hooker?” (Sunday People)

“The passenger to be a renowned actress, her significant other, and also a pair of unknown guests. The driver reported the the pickup and also the ride go fine, and that the passengers appeared to be enjoy it themselves. After the dropped them off, though, that had discovered that they had actually left a small something behind. It was a tiny plastic baggie the cocaine. The driver immediately called ago to the limo company in a panic. Have to they call the passenger and tell her the she left other in the car? must he throw it far so he wouldn’t acquire arrested if he gained pulled end or if the auto got looked for some reason? have to he leaving it there and also pretend not to understand anything? They made decision he should simply organize on come the package till the end of the night and also put it ago on the seat exactly where the had found it. The actress spotted it automatically when she got back into the car. She choose it up and excitedly yelled “Holy shit! here it is!” She always has been rather energetic.” (Blind Gossip)

“Which worried celebrity go out UP the toilet in ~ The Oscars? which celebrity that admitted the being component of the Oscars made her really nervous, gained so worried that she necessary a personal bathroom backstage the she supplied over and over and over again! after she left the exclusive bathroom, ‘you might literally odor her fear."” (Naughty but Nice Rob)

“This really famous actor was missing from The Oscars last night. While girlfriend don’t need to go come the awareness if you room not personal nominated, stars frequently show up to support their film/costar/director if one of them wake up to acquire nominated. Because that example, even though Jennifer Garner did not acquire nominated herself, she was there to support Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey and Dallas Buyers Club. It’s expert courtesy. Our gibbs was invite to the ceremony… but was a no show. At one of the after-parties, who asked his Costar wherein the actor was. The Costar said, “Being selfish together usual. Me, me, me. That all around . If he isn’t the center of attention, there’s just no allude (in showing).” The Costar usually has a pretty healthy sense that humor, however in this case, they definitely didn’t sound favor they were kidding!” (Blind Gossip)