Rihanna debuted her shortest mullet to date in a bikini and over the knee boots – Yahoo Singapore News


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Selena Gomez pan seemed persuaded the singer is pregnant in 2021 following her social media video. However, she is not pregnant yet is healthy and also happy.

TikTok is emerging as a renowned platform where celebrities have shown their talent. Recently, Selena additionally jumped onto the platform. His latest TikTok video sparked a most questions in the mental of his fans. Meanwhile, there were others that praised the video.

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Selena Gomez pregnant rumor 2021

Social media can sometimes be a cruel place. Very often world tend to emphasis on how human being look. Recently, Selena asked some world to inquiry her appearance due to the fact that of a recent video she uploaded to her social media platform.

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Has everyone else seen Selena Gomez’s IG story and also thinks she is pregnant?

– Š (
SamanthaElyssa) January 30, 2021

In the video, Selena is checked out dancing through her friend on Baila Conmigo. You might see how happy the singer was together she enjoyed dancing come the win of the song. The video quickly got attention.

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No it’s due to the fact that of his operation I think

– lena / era without problem (
selygodmez) January 30, 2021

However, some people wondered if she to be pregnant. Comment like: “Has everyone else seen Selena Gomez’s IG story and thinks she is pregnant?” and “Is Selena Gomez pregnant?” or am ns tripping? someone, please tell me ”started showing up on social media.

Some fans were fast to end the claims by stating the the singer was not pregnant. “No, it’s due to her surgery, i think,” created one user. An additional added: “She keeps shaming the body.”

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She keeps shaming the body

– s (I am at the time) (
drunkxselenerr) January 29, 2021

Selena Gomez spoke about her operation

The singer had previously spoken of a kidney transplant operation. At the very same time, she had talked of being ashamed that the body together she struggled through lupus. “I have actually lupus and also I have kidney problems and also high blood pressure so I challenge a lot of wellness issues, and also for me that’s once I really began noticing more. Things about body image, ”she claimed in an interview.

She had also explained just how social media have the right to take a toy fee on psychological health, saying, “Social media has been really disastrous for mine generation… It just scares me. I check out these young girls, I’ll accomplish them on dates or something, they’re just ravaged at the bullying and can’t have their very own voice.

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