The Weeknd simply dropped a brand-new music video for his latest single, “Save Your Tears,” and fans can’t help yet notice that a details actor in one scene bears a striking resemblance to his equally well known ex-girlfrifinish, Selena Gomez.

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The faux Selena shows up at one suggest in the video, sitting in a director’s chair as though she’s on set waiting for her cue. Her hair is styled in brief, voluminous curls via bangs, and also fans assumed this could be a nod to her look in the video for her song “Dance Aobtain.” The two connect a little in the video, and also we have to agree that the Selena vibes are solid.

Fans required to Twitter and YouTube to share their thoughts on the video and the former partnership between the stars. “The Weeknd put a Selena look choose in his music video??? This man is not over Selena Gomez???” created one. Others thought the inclusion could be a concrete clue to who the song is actually about. “Now we recognize that this song is about Selena not Bella ... loved exactly how he incorporated Selena's lookafavor,” created a YouTube commenter. Others are persuaded he whispers Selena’s name in the scene where he asks the actor to dance. Anvarious other eagle-eyed fan noticed similarities to a masked womale, and also a gvery own and hairstyle previously worn by Selena. Could tright here be more than one Sel recommendation in “Save Your Tears?”

Despite its somewhat sinister undertones, the video provided some fans flashbacks to happier times. “Not me lacking The Weeknd Abel and also Selena together,” tweeted one. The two dated for almost a year before splitting in October 2017.

The possible Selena referral is simply as striking as the fake plastic surgery the singer sports in the video, offering him extremely exaggerated cheekbones and also full lips. This seems to be a recommendation to the bandperiods The Weeknd often wore at appearances over the last year. He additionally makes a dig at the Grammys for his current snub.

Whether or not the video is actually a reference to Sel and also their former love story continues to be to be watched, yet “Save Your Tears” is entirely worth watching for all the Easter eggs ... also the ones via nopoint to perform through his previous relationships!

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