Nothing will resolve a marriage quite like sleeping with someone rather … right? on the Tuesday, January 31, illustration of 7 Year Switch, the experts plainly suspected that among the temporary couples could have done simply that. Meanwhile, the various other three pairs seemed to be obtaining along just fine and also making progression as plan — for the most part, at least.

“I’m therefore confused due to the fact that Dustin is a good guy. He’s so much fun,” Kelsey said to the camera. “But in ~ the very same time, this is supposed to it is in an experiment to process my thoughts and also focus top top my marriage with James.” (It was nice to hear the she unexpectedly remembered this.) She likewise admitted she to be wondering what your spouses were doing, which motivated Dustin come declare the Jaclyn was no his spouse: She was his ex. “Got divorce on a Friday, married top top a Monday!” the laughed. “You actually didn’t,” Kelsey reminded him.

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Trouble in Paradise

This caused the very first visible conflict in between the 2 fun-loving people. “I don’t want to hear around James over and over,” Dustin whined. “You’re just below to have fun, like you’re top top vacation,” Kelsey said. (This was just occurring to her, apparently.) to the camera, Kelsey stated she believed Dustin was “getting jealous” as soon as she talked about her husband. “I think you’re already falling in love through me,” Dustin stated to Kelsey, who responded that she to be “done” through the conversation.

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Later, top top the beach, one more fight ensued when Dustin stated he was “trying to get into” the experiment. “No, you not,” Kelsey snapped. Dustin then made one aside come the camera, speak it was a “rough” day since they to be “supposed come be having actually fun,” and also they simply kept arguing. Kelsey practically begged Dustin to act favor an adult and also let her talk to him around James. He claimed he merely thought Kelsey and James weren’t great for every other. “Move on,” the advised.

Smooth Skies because that Jaclyn and James

Their spouses, meanwhile, were acquiring along smashingly. Though Jaclyn and James both took longer to open up up, their cool exteriors had started to warm and they did seem to be (gasp!) having fun. Lock tried a partner yoga class, which had James therefore nervous, that looked favor he might faint, yet he stuck to it simply the same. After, they chatted about their real marriages (since Jaclyn hadn’t gained the memo that hair was allegedly over). James stated it was difficult for him to live approximately Kelsey’s “romantic expectations,” i beg your pardon were apparently colored by her regular reading of romantic novels. That said due to the fact that he couldn’t make her happy, he’d just stopped trying. He known this to be a problem and seemed interested in functioning on it.

Later, Jaclyn said that if she to be married to someone more like James, she’d “come home and feel an ext relaxed,” rather of feeling favor a mother. She then added that James was too defensive when she’d critiqued Kelsey for emotional Dustin. James acquired the message and also decided simply to nod at the one.

Aaron, Liliya, Heather and also Tony space All Bikini-Obsessed

Aaron and Liliya walk rock-climbing, wherein Liliya appreciated Aaron’s strength and he evaluate her determination to succeed. Reflecting on her existing marriage, Liliya said, “Tony’s much more accommodating to me and sweet … and maybe that’s no necessarily what i need.” Meanwhile, their spouses were liven picking avocados. Tony wasn’t really right into it, but he participated anyway, i beg your pardon Heather yes, really appreciated. As soon as they returned house from their getaways, the two couples got ready to accomplish their momentary spouse’s genuine spouse.

Though everything seemed to be fully aboveboard with these 4 folks, castle were every weirdly grounding on the truth that their spouses had seen their short-lived spouses in bathing suits. Top top meeting, Liliya asked Heather if she and Tony had gained in the hot bath tub together, and when Heather claimed they had, Liliya was clearly not happy. (The fact that heather admitted they’d had actually wine didn’t really help.) about two secs after sitting down with Tony, Aaron inquiry Tony “how much” of pagan he had seen. Once Tony claimed he had seen her in a bikini a few times, Aaron was no happy about it. (You’d think these civilization had never been come the beach before.)


Dustin and also Kelsey from FYI’s ‘Seven Year Switch.’ Karolina Wojtasik/FYI

The experts Suspect Monkey Business

When one of the experts dropped in to inspect on Kelsey and also Dustin, she was shocked come see how much animosity was brewing between them. Dustin accused Kelsey of being 2 different people on camera and off camera, and also said a the majority of what she said as soon as cameras to be rolling was “bulls‑‑t.” Kelsey responded by phone call Dustin a “f‑‑king asshole.”

Though the expert didn’t ask lock directly, she did do an aside to the camera: “You don’t should be a clinical psychologist to placed two and two together and wonder if other happened.” She then added that several of their prickliness might be stemming indigenous “guilt.”

Kelsey states Dustin would certainly Leave Jaclyn in a Heartbeat

Kelsey and also Dustin were back in good type (at the very least temporarily), teasing every other around dressing provocatively to accomplish each other’s spouses. Dustin said Kelsey to make sure her breasts were in complete view, yet Kelsey seemed more concerned through what she was going come say 보다 what she was going come wear. “I to be going come let her know just how I feel about you,” Kelsey said. “You need to be single. You should be a bachelor.”

To the cameras, Kelsey added, “I feel favor if i were come ask Dustin to be through me and tell him that ns was walk to leave James, that he would be v me.” Hmm. The wasn’t really the suggest of the experiment, but OK. She added that she thought Dustin no care about Jaclyn “at all,” and also that she and Dustin were “superclose.” as soon as the two women lastly met, Kelsey commented that Jaclyn wasn’t “as pretty” together she’d expected, and admitted the made her happy.

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When Dustin and also James met, James claimed he wasn’t going to take it Dustin seriously because he was wearing warm pants (which is fair), yet when Dustin asked James if he wanted the “PG version” or the “real version,” James looked like he was acquisition Dustin quite seriously.