If you're a continuous watcher the NBA basketball, there's a good chance you've checked out "Inside the NBA" v Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O'Neal.

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Often dubbed the most entertaining NBA coverage crew, your chemistry top top the air is some of the ideal we've checked out -- and much of that can be meeting to your awesome personalities and also years of suffer being top top tv together.

as soon as it pertains to Barkley and also Shaq specifically, though, their partnership goes a bit deeper.

Previewing a documentary featuring the 4 ex-players, the origin story that Shaq and Barkley's relationship concerned light, and it's every fans have been talking around since.

"So, we get into our tiny scuffle and as shortly as I get to the thing, Jerome hand me the phone, and also I hear this lady's voice that I never ever heard before," claimed Shaq.

"'You better not put your hands on my baby,' and also I'm like 'who is this?' It's mama Barkley and also I was choose 'hello?' and she's favor 'yeah, I'm ~ above the phone through your mama.' and also his mom my mother on a three-way. She said ' don't you understand we've been ideal friends for around 20-30 years? now after the game, friend go and give that a hug. Y'all don't have to be fighting on TV like that.'

So that's exactly how me and also him became cool."

native that moment forth, the two arisen a brotherhood that goes way beyond basketball or every little thing they could say to each various other on "Inside the NBA."

"I don't have actually an older brother yet if ns did have actually an older brother, i would want him to be like Charles Barkley. My father constantly used to say, 'talk to me choose a man... Say what you need to say.' therefore we'd have these boil discussions prefer he'd speak something I'd to speak something but at the finish of the day, it's like 'I love you pops.'"

Obviously, things get heated top top the collection all the time, and also it has actually led countless to believe there is some actual beef between Shaq and also Charles.

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Instead, it's simply two brothers jawing at each other that, in ~ the finish of the day, won't put any type of real stress, overload on the bond the they share.


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