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Signature Card services Rebrands together Signature Payments, Announces new Product Offerings

Rebrand marks the Company"s evolution from credit transaction Card Processor come Omni-Channel SaaS services Provider


BURBANK, Calif., Aug. 27, 2020 / -- Signature card Services, a recognized sector leader in payments processing, now announced your rebrand as "Signature Payments" in acknowledgment of the company"s shift to ending up being a an ext technology oriented, omni-channel platform serving the payment space. Driven by product expansion and recent acquisitions, the rebrand has a brand-new website,, and a brand-new brand identity.

Founded in 1997, Signature payments has allowed thousands of companies of all shapes and also sizes to expropriate credit cards. As the payments sector has advanced over the years, Signature has actually remained in ~ the forefront of technology products and solutions and Signature"s payments platform is developed with both merchants and developers in mind. Supporting traditional point-of-sale transactions because that brick and mortar merchants as well as mobile and also eCommerce transactions, Signature"s common gateway "TUNL" conveniently integrates PCI compliant payments right into any an innovation solution or an approach of payment.

"Flexibility and access are in ~ the core of ours rebrand and also I am excited come launch a Signature brand the speaks come the future that payments," stated Charles Hogan, chairman of Signature Payments. "Our offerings to the marketplace have advanced over the food of 20+ years, and also we wanted our brand to reflect the growth. Our new brand demonstrates exactly how our agency has progressed from a map processor to a solutions-oriented, consultative SaaS company with API services for developer to quickly and also easily create an effective applications."

The brand-new brand identification reflects the company"s core values of integrity, innovation, and also accessibility, and emphasizes your innovative modern technology solutions an unified with first-class client service.

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About Signature payments Signature payment is a top provider of payment an innovation solutions because that merchants, payment partners and also developers. For an ext than 20 years, Signature payments has listed payment services to merchants across industries, from small businesses and special-risk sellers to multi-national retailers and modern technology partners. V a focus on moving leading-edge customizable modern technology with a an individual touch, Signature payments is a trusted companion offering tradition payments remedies to right the means their clients do business. For much more information, visit or email .