It"s no much longer simply distancing. We disclose all the details about the divorce suit the singer filed versus his wife on Aug. 16.

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First they were separated, then distanced, and now we're talking about divorce. Even though singer Cristian Castro claimed last night to camages in the Los Angeles airport that he and his wife, lawyer Valeria Liberguy, were not separated, the divorce suit presented to her by the Miami courts claims it all.

On Aug. 16, precisely one week after the singer's exclusive intersee via PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL in which he initially spoke of the couple's distancing and his future relationship with his children, Castro presented a divorce plea to the Miami-Dade County Family Court.

In the divorce plea, the singer states the marital relationship is beyond repair. Castro, 32, asks for shared custody of their daughter, Simone Candy, 2, and of their future kid, intended to arrive in December. The court should also decide the alimony payments.

The artist would also prefer their material goods to be divided equally, through the exemption of those gained prior to the marriage. He wishes that their 2.6 million-dollar house, which was bought five months after their December 2004 marital relationship, be separated in his favor, or for that quantity to be retained in mind as soon as dividing the items and once deciding custody and visitation civil liberties regarding the youngsters.

The plea also mentions that when the two obtained married, Castro invested significantly in the posh Miami home bought by the couple.

Castro hopes that the shared custody will certainly permit him to spfinish plenty of time with his youngsters so that he, like Liberman, 32, deserve to take component in their resides.

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The divorce suit was signed Aug. 14 in Coral Gables, Miami, in the existence of Castro's lawyer. In it Castro says that he's willing to pay Liberman's legal fees. We tried to stop with his lawyer, however she didn't respond to's phone calls.

Castro is currently in Los Angles after traveling tbelow from Mexico to promote his brand-new album El indomable. Libermale and also daughter Simone came from Miami to the very same city. The night of Aug. 28, the couple arrived separately to different terminals. When a reporter asked Libermale around the instance, she responded: “No comment.”

In his intersee through PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, Castro asserted that he would certainly relocate to Mexico, however that he would certainly buy an apartment in Miami in order to remain cshed to his children. He said of his daughter: “She absolutely won't be lacking the love, respect and also ambition to succeed in her life that probably I lacked to succeed in my very own.”