will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or

crying or pain, for the old bespeak of things has actually passed away.” Revelation 21:4.


“Soon and very Soon” was written by Andraé Crouch in 1976. Andrae Crouch, a Grammy-winning gospel singer and composer who began his career at 14, helped Michael Jackson kinds “Man in the Mirror” and also became a minister of the church his father started in the mountain Fernando Valley.

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A dyslexic who in childhood had a bad stutter, Andraé was well-known for pioneering a gospel sound v a modern-day feel — periodically to the dismay of movie critics who feeling his work-related was as well secular. Many church traditionalists “do think my music is trash,” that told The time in 1982. “That doesn’t stroked nerves me. Ns going to do what ns think is right.”

Andraé said this about his music: “Every track I’ve written takes you v the Scriptures and reinforces the word of God. I give civilization a beautiful message, but I execute it with pop, rock, funk, jazz or disco or noþeles that will make that appealing. It’s a pity that a many of good messages have actually been wasted because they have actually been paired with poor music. That’s what’s wrong v a many of timeless church music. It is why many of it bores me.”

Andraé Crouch’s to adjust in track has had an appeal throughout racial groups. Married to an Anglo woman, his cross-racial household roots have impacted his music: “In high school I attended Youth for Christ, which had different races, and also our leader to be a white guy from the Nazarene church. They would ask me from time come time to song a song, so I would sing other that ns knew they would understand. Also, my mother’s and father’s backgrounds both consisted of Jewish-German through mixed marriage (Afro-European) grandparents and also great-grandparents for this reason we would certainly have expanded family gatherings the were racially diverse. Once my dad would certainly ask me come sing, i knew castle wouldn’t understand the C.O.G.I.C. Format of singing. I wanted to reach my family and also kids in ~ school, therefore I would write mine songs clearer so that they would know the gospel instead of few of the vernacular that we usage in church.”

I checked out an Andraé Crouch concert means back in 1981 in my last year the university v my boyfriend Jeff in ~ the invite of Destiny and also Jada, a lesbian couple we were pretty tight with. The concert was at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. The experience carried both Jeff and myself far as freshly “born again” right into the sacred truth of the lover community. It to be our very first “Christian” concert and also the energy in the room to be so palpable it practically knocked us both off our feet. Encountering faith so profound, prayer so powerful, was almost frightening—like seeing the s for the first time. Jeff and also I and also Jada and also Destiny continued to be up every night after ~ a midnight meal at a 24 hour home of Pies Restaurant.

The encore track was “Soon and really Soon”. The several thousand people gathered sang and also danced in ~ the peak of their lungs and also the theatre rang from the rafters. In retrospect, Crouch acted as a midwife, transforming the theater into a delivery room, swaddling us in the sturdy stress of already and not yet. In the moment, soon and very soon came to be here and also now.

I currently knew the native of the song and also Jeff and I, both struggling v coming out problems with our families, embraced the idea of a location without tears, pain or suffering, never ever considering that ns would have to die to endure it! every verse organized a promise: “…see the King… no an ext crying…no much more dying… Hallelujah!” the fit my theology ago then but I still love the track as a hope because that a much better world here and now as God helps united state to water level in justice and also equity and also what Andre and Martin Luther King both called the lover Community.

yet soon, these very same songs, theological concepts, and what we thought was beloved ar would revolve on us and were supplied as tools to demean and judge us for love someone of the very same gender. That would certainly be true for Jeff, Jada, Destiny and also myself. We would certainly all go with a time of spirituality wilderness and also separation native the “body that Christ”, however Jeff and also I go make tranquility with God, ourselves and also the “Church”.

Jada and also Destiny space still together and also have not uncovered their method to reconnecting to “church” but continue come have faith in a love God who loves same gender loving individuals and always claim the “the divine made us SO divine those church people just can’t handle our Divinity!” come this day, Jada and also Destiny quiet touch mine spirit and also teach me what it method to it is in a human being of faith in the world! Although lock never interpreted how i made my way back right into the church and also into being a pastor as soon as more.

however enough of my historical link to the tune “Soon and really Soon”, Andraé Crouch’s job extended beyond the gospel tune field. He received an Academy compensation nomination because that his compositions and also arrangements because that the filmThe color Purple(1985). He to be the arranger and choral conductor forThe Lion King(1994). He worked with artists such together Diana Ross and also Ringo Starr. That sang background with Madonna and also arranged songs because that Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley, Paul Simon, and also Madonna recorded his songs.

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Andraé died in 2015 of a love attack. Accolades have actually come native many, consisting of the Rev. Jesse Jackson who stated on a Twitter feed, “Andrae Crouch, a friend and source of an international inspiration, served his time well. I miss out on him already.” with his posting, the Rev. Jackson contained a snapshot of himself and also the Rev. Crouch some decades ago.