1  convention You speak `Sorry" or `I"m sorry" as a means of apologizing to someone for something the you have actually done which has upset lock or led to them difficulties, or as soon as you bump into them accidentally., (formulae) `We"re all talking at the very same time."  

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2  adj If you room sorry about a situation, you feeling regret, sadness, or disappointment about it. v-link ADJ, usu ADJ about n, ADJ that/to-inf She was really sorry around all the problem she"d caused..., I"m sorry about what"s happened..., I"m i m really sorry he"s gone..., He to be sorry to watch them go.  
3  convention 
You use I"m sorry or sorry as an arrival when you space telling a person something the you execute not think lock will want to hear, for example when you are disagreeing v them or offering them bad news. No, I"m sorry, ns can"t agree v you..., `I"m sorry," he told the actual estate agent, `but we really need to go now."..., Sorry  
4 You use the expression I"m i m really sorry to say come express regret along with disappointment or disapproval. ♦I"m i m really sorry to say 
 phrase PHR with cl, PHR that  (feelings) I"ve just done half of it, I"m sorry to say..., This, i am sorry to say, is virtually entirely wishful thinking.  
5  convention You say `I"m sorry" come express your regret and sadness once you listen sad or unpleasant news., (feelings) I"ve heard around Mollie  
6  adj If you feel sorry because that someone who is dissatisfied or in an uncomfortable situation, you feeling sympathy and sadness for them. v-link ADJ because that n I feeling sorry because that him and his colleagues  
7  adj 
You say that someone is feeling sorry forthemselves once you refuse of the truth that they save thinking unhappily about their problems, rather than trying to be cheerful and also positive. v-link ADJ for pron-refl  (disapproval) What he must not carry out is to sit around at residence feeling sorry for himself.  
8  convention 
You to speak `Sorry?" when you have not heard something the someone has actually said and also you want them come repeat it., (formulae) (=pardon, pardon me) 
9  convention You use sorry once you correct yourself and also use various words to say what you have actually just said, especially when what you to speak the 2nd time does not usage the native you would certainly normally choose to use. Barcelona will be hoping to lug the trophy ago to Spainsorry, Cataloniafor the first time.  
10  adj 
If someone or other is in a sorry state, they space in a negative state, holy spirit or physically. ADJ n The fire left Kuwait"s oil market in a sorry state...  

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