Speaker Series

The Princeton Entrepreneurship Club’s Speaker Series brings some of the most successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business executives of our time to campus. Instituted in 2006, the Speaker Series gives students an opportunity to hear about and learn from these figures’ experiences, successes, and failures. We hold a diverse range of events, from large lectures to smaller, more intimate dinner discussions, as well as workshops focusing on a specific skill such as writing a business plan or giving an elevator pitch.

This year our speakers have included Bill Rasmussen, the founder of ESPN, Robin Chase, the founder of ZipCar, and Michael Michalowicz, author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, to campus.


Bill Rasmussen

On September 23rd, Bill Rasmussen, the founder of ESPN, kicked off our annual speaker series by lecturing to a crowd of 50 students about his experiences with ESPN and his latest venture, CollegeFanz.com. He discussed the not-so-pleasant beginnings of ESPN, particularly how the network was launched from inside a van in the station's parking lot, and encouraged students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams despite times like that when the going gets tough.

, By Peter Tucci:

Bill Rasmussen, the founder of the ESPN cable sports network, described his experience starting ESPN and encouraged his audience of about 50 students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams in a lecture hosted by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club...

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Bill Rasmussen's remarks to the EClub



Robin Chase

Robin Chase, the founder of ZipCar, kicked off TigerLaunch 2009 with a lecture about her experiences with foundidng ZipCar, GoLoco, and Meadow Networks. Her discussion focused on how entrepreneurs need to learn from instead of being discouraged by setbacks while trying to start a business as well as the importance of a start-up's culture and the values you incorporate into its daily operations. This event generated significant interest in TigerLaunch as evidenced in the 30 participants we had for Princeton Pitch, a preliminary event for this year's competition.

; By Melanie Jearlds

Starting a business is a daunting task, but the key to an entrepreneur's success is not letting the challenges of the endeavor squash ambition, Zipcar founder and former CEO Robin Chase said to a few dozen students during a lecture...

Video of Lecture


Michael Michalowicz

Michael Michalowicz, author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and founder of Obsidian Launch, spoke to members of the EClub in a dinner discussion on December 9th. This was the first of our smaller dinner discussion events and it offered a unique opportunity for students to have a more in-depth dialogue with our guest. While the event was more based on a Q&A format, the advice Michael had to offer was invaluable and left those who attended inspired and excited to get going with their own ventures. He stayed for an extra hour talking with students who were had more specific questions pertaining to their respective pursuits. We look forward to possibly setting up a larger event with Michael next year given the incredibly positive feedback we received about what he had to say.

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