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MapGuy through the 2015 medallion

This site has actually been motivated by my book \"ST. PAUL PARKS The sweetheart Hunter\"s Guide\". I\"m recognized as the MapGuy and have been a endowment hunter since 1990. I live in St. Paul and also visit the parks often. I have actually a feverish passion for addressing clues and understand that understanding of these parks is what contributed to my finding the sweetheart in 2015.

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I\"ve taken thousands of photos in ~ the parks, picture of things just a reservation writer would take into consideration looking at. These photos are the bulk of my research study for the content in the publish versions the the THG (currently 2 version available). Don’t have the recent edition? No problems – you deserve to look in ~ my research study here!

This website is an expansion - a colorful bonus to the publish versions of the THG. I ordered it to this and also find every one of the scouting image I offered for creating the books, and also photos i have done because that parks that space not in the book. In enhancement to what\"s currently here, there will be much more added every year. Execute you think your treasure is external the St. Paul City limits? Well, this site has actually several Ramsey ar parks included!

I’m excited to market this research study to the treasure searching experience. Thank you because that the support. Watch you out there!


Hunting videos:

Finding the 2015 Pioneer press Medallion in Snail Lake Park

Re-enactment of finding the 2017 gold puck in Carver Lake Park. Video clip RE-ENACTMENT excellent the work after the find.


Rob Brass find the yellow puck precious $6,000 in crosby Park


Historic flashbacks of the treasure Hunter\"s Guide:


Cat and also mouse. Pioneer push on January 22, 1996. Don Boxmeyer to be the clue writer and I to be unaware the it when he interviewed me.


Highland Villager top top January 24,1996 - ns was cautiously hopeful that the book would have actually some appeal.

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Pioneer press on January 28,1997 - this was a nice picture of the publication in usage at the park.