Special bespeak product can take weeks come arrive. If you’re looking to update the seating in your home quick like before a holiday or distinct occasion choose an to express item. By picking this specific frame and fabric combination you space able to obtain your product quicker while not compromising quality. Get rid of the hassle of special order if still obtaining a an excellent looking piece for her home.

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Choose a reclining piece with a wall saver device to save space in her living room. Regular recliners call for a big clearance from the wall surface to it is in able to fully recline, but the wall surface saver device moves the chair forward instead of ago as you recline, permitting you come maximize the room in your living room.

Stallion express ComfortKing® Wallsaver Recliner

Curled, rolled arms provide class and a innovative essence and also aura to any kind of room. Very comfortable, this wall surface recliner has actually a distinctive design, through its captivating, plush seat-back and its intricately rolled arms. Obtainable in a range of cloth colors, this piece has the capability to match any home decor. Accentuate your living room with the exceptional comfort and also charming design of this wall recliner.

The Stallion express ComfortKing® Wallsaver Recliner through Rolled arms by roadway Express at uncover Your Furniture in the area. Product ease of access may vary. Contact us for the most current access on this product.


Item & Dimensions
ManufacturerLane Express
Width (side come side)44" W
Depth (front come back)40" D
Height (bottom to top)48" H
Seat Depth21"
Seat Height22"
Fabric & Upholstery
Fabric OptionsAvailable in particular fabric options.
Fabric PatternSolid
Style Elements
Base TypeNo skirt - No visible Leg
Arm TypeRolled Arm
ArmPadded rolling Arms include to Style and Comfort
Back TypeAttached Back
Seat BackLarge Seat back Cusions
SeatPlush and large Cushion
Base DescriptionNo Visible base or Legs
Reclining ReleaseExterior Handle
Recliner MechanismMechanism is precision engineered & well balanced for maximum comfort and also ease that operation, special shoulder riveting in major wear points, lubricated pivot joints, Delrin spacers, and an oven-baked finish.
Footrest OperationExternal wood Handle
Recliner FeaturesWall Recliner
Construction & Warranty
Frame ConstructionAll hardwood contents are do from kiln-dried lumber, double-doweled, glued, corner-blocked, and incorporate 8-gauge steel action brace construction. The pitch and also size that each piece is engineered because that generous comfort.
Padding & ErgonomicsAll lane cushions room environmentally safe. In ~ the core of every cushion is high-density, high-resiliency foam, i m sorry is wrapped with thick class of polyester fiber come ensure comfort and durability.
Seat Support8-gauge stole springs attached to a sturdy hardwood/plywood structure with special lined clips because that noise-free, life time easy seating.
WarrantyAll furniture undergoes a last inspection consisting of an operational power test.All furniture is totally warranted for one complete year against defects in workmanship and also materials. Restricted lifetime vouch for every reclining furniture mechanisms.

Lane refer Stallion Description

Accentuate your living room or household room v the exceptional comfort and exceptional styling of the Stallion collection. A luxurious stationary sectional in a dark brown, soft leather uses plush pillow arms and also pillow height seats - Perfect for relaxing or capturing up v friends and family. Further, this collection functions a charming wall surface recliner composed of soft, textured fabric and is accessible in details fabric choices to ideal suite your home decor. These attractive, warm designs that the Stallion arsenal make it easy to entertain, engage, and also escape.Quick and also convenient, the lane Express product line is a quick Ship Program, allowing consumers to obtain merchandise much more quickly. Take benefit of this unique order princetoneclub.org, and also enhance your home decor with exceptional styling today!

The Stallion collection is a good option if girlfriend are in search of Casual furniture in the area.

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