Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has been pumping out content repeatedly in the second half of 2020. The most notable contents of the bunch is the revived challenge Tier Rancor raid. After ~ its relegation to being a simmable raid for created guilds, this above raid had been forgotten up till now. We examine out some good teams because that each phase of the SWGOH an obstacle Tier Rancor raid.

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Star Wars: Galaxy the Heroes usually releases harshly tuned content choose Raids or territory Battles because that the whales or krakens of SWGOH. Through that said, challenge Tier Rancor no quite easily accessible for free-to-play or more recent players. The Relic 5 character requirements are a substantial roadblock because that the consistent player.

Phase 1 – Pigs

Gamorrean Guards space a significant roadblock for many players. The key Gamorrean safety hits like a freight train, mowing under squads with 3 swift strikes. Her Teebo command or command Luke Skywalker team won’t job-related here, so concept crafters had actually to gain creative.


Chris “AhnaldT101” Ponicki got an imaginative indeed, using Jawas under a Galactic Legends Rey lead, fueled by Wat Tambor. Jawas room slowly transforming from picture to appropriate in this brand-new era the SWGOH, and also have now presented viability in region Battles, territory Wars, grand Arena Championships, and apparently the an obstacle Tier Rancor raid.

Team: GL Rey (lead), Wat Tambor, chief Nebit, Jawa Engineer, and also Jawa Scavenger.

Strategy: Wat Tambor gives Chief Nebit the Baktoid Shield Generator tech ability, and the Chiewab Medpac technology to GL Rey. Friend will have to constantly feed health and wellness from GL Rey, Wat Tambor, and Jawa engineer over to Chief Nebit therefore he can continue to take damage from the Gamorrean Guards. Jawa Scavenger is purely right here for its key passive heat Detonator (bomb) ability, stacking bombs for every struggle the pigs land. This is a battle of attrition, and this strat have the right to take treatment of as much as 15% that the Gamorrean Guard wellness pool.

FTP team: Padme (lead), general Kenobi, Jedi article Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, C3-PO.

Phase 2-3 – Rancor

Time for the Rancor! friend won’t be able to solo it v the Teebo or CLS team like pointed out above, but everything still runs like how you psychic it. The only major thing to keep in mind is the the Rancor have the right to devour your Galactic Legends under most circumstances. Over there is no mercy indigenous the Rancor.

Pre-game: Sacrifice a toon like Rose Tico to trigger the Devour indigenous Rancor. This need to start friend off with a clean slate, avoiding handicapping your run off the bat.


Team: Galactic Legend supreme Leader Kylo Ren (lead), grand Admiral Thrawn, basic Hux, Sith Trooper (the red kind), Hermit Yoda.

Strategy: open up with a stun utilizing Kylo, prompting Sith Trooper come assist. Thrawn need to go next, so swap revolve Meter through Kylo. That’s wherein you pop her SLKR AOE attack, which topples the Rancor. Placed HYoda’s capacity – Master’s cultivate – on Kylo, prompting another Kylo and Sith Trooper attack. After ~ that, just keep feeding revolve meter come Kylo so you deserve to ramp increase his Ultimate. 

The key here is to obtain Kylo’s Ultimate completely charged before the toppled Rancor can stand up. Once the Rancor recovers, your toons will begin to go under after the Rancor it s okay a few hits in. Just keep feeding TM come Kylo as frequently as you have the right to so friend can trigger another totally charged Ultimate.

If you can pop one more Ultimate off prior to Rancor gets his Devour, girlfriend will be able to survive the insta-kill. Save the run up until Kylo die off, and also you should walk away with 10-17% that the Rancor wellness pool.

FTP Team: Darth Vader (lead), Wat Tambor, grand Admiral Thrawn, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Malak.

Strategy: DOTs team makes a comeback! damage over time mister up v every Darth Vader pressure Crush and Wat Tambor period assist. It’s as with the initial Rancor raid Vader strategy. Store the DOTs going, and also wipe them with a vast Darth Vader Culling Blade. His lead will carry the DOTs debuff earlier with all its stacks, giving you simple 7% as a FTP player.

Bonus FTP Team: Aurra sing (lead), Greef Karga, Bossk, Jango Fett, Boba Fett

Strategy: The gate button/panel counts together an enemy. Contact a mass help on the button, which need to topple Rancor and also earn a contract payout/reward for the team. The next and also only step is to absolutely unload right into the Rancor as long as possible with mass assists. This is much more of a kitchen sink strategy with a an excellent FTP Bounty Hunter team friend should have on hand. This team is an excellent for 5%.


Phase 4 – upset Rancor

Team: every little thing you have actually left.

Strategy: Throw every little thing you have left in ~ it. Your good teams should’ve been used up for the Pigs and Phase 2 and 3 that the Rancor. Just use up the odds and also ends the don’t to the right a specific function into step 4 the the Rancor raid.

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We’re quiet in the infancy that the SWGOH difficulty Tier Rancor raid, so tons of concept crafting is bound to carry out its work-related as more toons obtain unlocked in the game. While us can’t predict the future, the teams above are proven commodities. Job-related your means towards these teams to assist your guild out and also collect those desire Relic 8 pieces.

2021 is slated to it is in a large year for Star Wars: Galaxy that Heroes. Stay tuned to squad for an ext SWGOH content!