Friends and Enemies build exceptionally fine on critical week's Deception. Here's Cameron's take it on the recent episode that Star Wars: The Clone Wars...

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By Cameron K McEwan | February 6, 2012 | | comments count:0

This review includes spoilers.

4.16 Friends and also Enemies

Last week’s Star battles prison break adventures continues, and finds Obi-Wan Kenobi, in disguise as poor boy Rako Haardeen, onboard a vessel v bounty hunter Cad Bane and also criminal mastermind Moralo Eval.

The tone continues to be downbeat and unrelenting as the untrusting trio crash-land your ship right into the choke bogs and swamps the Nal Hutta – a world that’s not unlike a cross between Dagobah and also Tatooine. Together an opening, it’s visually spectacular, however nothing less than the audience has come to expect indigenous The Clone Wars.

There’s an ext dazzling imagery to come, but before then we uncover the escaped detainees in need of ditching their orange jumpsuits and claiming some brand-new cloth. Amusingly, Bane ditches an Indiana Jones-esque fedora in favour of one more hat. However the laughs protect against abruptly together the bounty hunter end his relationship with Rako, advertise him off their leaving ship.

Furthermore, Obi Wan’s new persona is topic to a nasty step of hefty violence in ~ the hands of numerous Gamorrean and Nikto guards. The Clone Wars, yet again, bats no eyelids in regards come torture. Though, thankfully for Kenobi, he can now use his Jedi powers to totally free himself.

On the various other side the the galaxy, we find Palpatine suspicious of the Jedi, who room being a little bit too sneaky for his liking. Indeed, the Jedi’s setup (concocted by phone-loving Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi Wan) finds itself comes seriously unhinged with Anakin off to find Rako, that he tho believes killed Obi Wan. The little green one ponders that this confrontation can see the end of at least one the the Jedi.

Perhaps they’ll discover from this and not keep tricks from your ‘friends’ in the future? Yes?

Regardless, Skywalker and also Ahsoka Tano are warm on the trace of the fugitive trio and it’s not long before they find them, leading to another eye-popping treat for the brain. However this is not prior to we find Anakin in Dark Side mode again. In his quest for information he takes come force-strangling a bartender in the middle of a saloon.

Disturbingly, this is witnessed by Tano, who seems to take it as much pleasure in the deed together her mentor does. Last week’s Deception witnessed some hints of the Sith raise their head and also here we uncover it in both Jedi. It had never occured come me previously that the young Padawan would jump come the Dark Side and one marvels if this is a precursor to a possible shift in allegiances.

Friends and Enemies is a thought-provoking installment with writer Brent Friedman continuing to litter up an overwhelming ideas and also notions, whilst manager Bosco Ng (who additionally wrote The Incredibles brief Jack-Jack Attack, truth fans) it is provided a variety of beautifully crafted moments. None more so the the final couple of moments together Skywalker and Tano catch up with the Bane, Haardeen (that is, to say, Obi Wan) and Eval.

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Amid crashing ships, hand come hand combat and gorgeous lightsaber action, a secret is revealed and evil escapes. It sets up the third component of this arc through breathtaking style.