South Park - The Stick of Truth produced by Ubisoft.Images used for educational purposes only.

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Key Walkthrough
Good "ol Jimbo. Even through the fate of the civilization at stake, he"s constantly ready and willing to kill a couple of pets. He also wants kids to obtain in on the activity, as at an early stage as he deserve to brand also "em via the hunting allure, and Big Game Huntin" With Jimbo puts you right into Jimbo"s shoes to hunt down some of the roughest, toughest, meanest critters this side of Scott Tenorman.
All you need to execute to unlock Big Game Huntin" With Jimbo is to stop to the man. He always hangs out at Jimbo"s Guns, situated in northwest South Park. Once tbelow, purchaseHunter"s Guide to South Park"s Wildlifefor $3.00 to trigger the pursuit. In doing so you"ll earn 6 additional items -Blood Oselection, Cow Bell, Fromunda Cheese, Poutine, Rubbing Alcohol,andMoldy Sausage- which will certainly each be provided as lures to trap the six beasts in this quest.
The Rabid Junkyard Dog is discovered exterior Kenny"s Housage. Look to the right of the garage for a mouldering bowl of water. Approach it and usage the Moly Saconsumption to lure the dog out. It will certainly come dashing up and also strike. Get in the initially swipe before it can bite you.
The Rabid Junkyard Dog is basically a beefed-up variation of the dogs you"ll uncover in the woods surrounding South Park. It hits pretty difficult and has actually a lot of HP, yet is otherwise an easy enough fight. Riddle it via status ailments and also debuffs to win the day.
The Farm Cow is, as you could intend, located at the Farm on the northeastern outskirts of South Park. As shortly as you enter the yard you"ll see a small gate latch beside the entrance. Approach it and also you can hook the Cow Bell to it. The Farm Cow will come wandering up. Whack it as soon as to take it out. Yep, no fight forced on this one.
The Mousage (no, I"m not saying its complete name, you understand what it is) is uncovered in South Park"s sewers. Look for an upward ladder blocked by bars; you have the right to use the Fromunda Cheese in the room over to lure out the Mousage.
The Mouse is somepoint of a formidable opponent, as its bite deserve to inflict bleeding, grossed out, and sluggish on your characters with a single strike. However, it deserve to be stunned, slowed, bled, and otherwise hobbled. It"s additionally cursed via a fairly low amount of HP. Just make certain you hit it before it hits you and you can maul it badly on your first rotate, perhaps killing it before it gets a chance to strike.
The Fruit Bat is concealed in the sewers. Make your method through right here till you find the realm of the Crab People, a lengthy, blueish cave. Near the ladder leading out of here is a stalagmite you deserve to bust through. Past it is the luring spot where you have the right to set down the Blood Ovariety.
The Fruit Bat is pretty basic. It"s just annoying in that it deserve to reduced everyone"s defenses and also assault instantly after that, though it does not hit hard sufficient to be a actual danger. Smack it down through fire damage.
The Mutant Bacteria hangs out at the School, though that"s a woefully-vague description of its location. The School is huge. You"ll discover the Mutant Bacteria in the basement of the School, within its Boiler Room. Head down below during the intrusion of the School and use the Rubbing Alcohol on the petri dish that"s overflowing through green goo.
The Mutant Bacteria will certainly assault. Be warned - Bacteria has actually atonof HP. Fortunately, its defenses are pretty low, and it"s breakable to standing ailments. Stun the point, then chip away at its health and wellness via fire, bleeding, anypoint you intricate. Not that hard a fight, though it may take a little while if you do not have actually some effective attacks. Check the thing after it"s dead for some little items, as well.
The Canadian Barking Spider is uncovered in, you guessed it, Canada. North of Ottawa you"ll view a spider web collection right into a forest. Approach it and usage the Poutine to summon the Spider.

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The Canadian Barking Spider is solid, and also its assaults can sluggish your personalities, but as through the other searching subjects it"s weak to stunning. Placed it out and also your characters need to have actually no trouble thwomping the thing. After beating it you"ll findBarbarian Gloves.
Rerevolve to Jimbo"s Guns after killing all 6 of the ferocious beasts. Jimbo will run with your success if you pick Big Video Game Hunting, and also, all sassist, give you anObsidian ShardandJimbo"s Key. You"ll also earn Jimbo and Ned"s frifinish repursuits. Use the alien eye on the right side of the shop to zip as much as the chest over Ned; you deserve to usage the key you simply gained to pop it open up and find$6.00,anaxe of the underworld, aGrenade of Slowing, anAlaskan Whaler, aWhite Whale Patch, aTurtle Patch, and also aPower Potion (Large). Woo!