something that serves come goad or coerce: The hazard of unemployment was the rod that maintained the employees toiling overtime.Compare carrot (def. 3).
Aeronautics. A lever, usually with a handle, by which the longitudinal and also lateral activities of an airplane are controlled.

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the sticks, Informal. Any an ar distant from urban or towns, together rural districts; the country: having actually lived in a big city all his life, he uncovered it tough to readjust to the sticks.
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short / dirty end of the stick, Slang. The least preferable assignment, decision, or part of an arrangement.
First recorded before 1000; middle English stikke, stike, Old English sticca “stick, peg, spoon”; akin come Old High German stehho, Old norse stik “stick”; akin come stick2
sticharion, stichic, stichometry, stichomythia, -stichous, stick, rod around, stick at, stick-at-it-ive, stickball, stick-built
to pierce or puncture v something pointed, as a pin, dagger, or spear; stab: to stick one's finger v a needle.
to furnish or adorn with things attached or collection here and also there: to stick shelves complete of knickknacks.
to bring to a standstill; render can not to continue or go ago (usually used in the passive): The automobile was stuck in the mud.
to confuse or puzzle; bewilder; perplex; nonplus: He was stuck by the very an initial problem ~ above the test.
Informal. To impose something disagreeable ~ above (a human or persons), as a large bill or a difficult task: The committee persistently grounding him with fund collection.
to stay firm, as in resolution, opinion, statement, or attachment; host faithfully, regarding a promise or bargain.
to store or continue to be steadily or unremittingly, as to a task, undertaking, or the like: come stick to a project until it is finished.
to end up being fastened, hindered, checked, or stationary by part obstruction: she zipper grounding halfway up.
to be thrust or placed so regarding extend, project, or protrude (usually complied with by through, from, out, up, etc.).
stick around, Informal. Come wait in the vicinity; linger: If you had actually stuck around, you'd have seen the fireworks.
stick by / to to keep one's attachments or loyalty to; continue to be faithful to: they vowed come stick through one another no issue what happened.
stick increase for, come speak in donate of; concerned the defense of; support: She constantly sticks up because that him, also though he doesn't deserve it.
First recorded before 900; middle English stiken, stikken, Old English stician “to pierce, thrust”; akin come German stechen “to sting,” Latin -stīg- in instīgāre “to urge, incite,” Greek stízein “to stitch, tattoo, brand”; see likewise stigma, stitch
22. Stick, adhere, cohere median to cling come or it is in tightly attached to something. Adhere means that one sort of material clings tenaciously come another; cohere to add the idea the a thing is attractive to and also held by something choose itself: particles of sealing wax cohere and type a mass that will certainly adhere to tin. Stick, a much more colloquial and also general term, is used an especially when a 3rd kind of product is involved: A gummed label will certainly stick come a package.

Content warning: this short article references guns.

Stick is a slang term for “gun,” especially an automatic rifle in southerly hip-hop in the U.S. That means you have the right to “stick ’em up”… with a stick.

The usage of pole to refer to a “gun” or “rifle” deserve to be traced ago to as early on as the 1840s. Stick, here, is because of the long, narrow, and also stick-like figure of a rifle and also perhaps its wooden butt.

In 1900, president Theodore Roosevelt famously recipe his foreign policy as “Speak softly and carry a huge stick.” This stick no necessarily a gun, but rather a repertoire of them, shall us say: that meant having actually a solid military was crucial should diplomatic negotiation fail.

During the 1960s, rifles were called idiot sticks during the Vietnam war. Rod was also the location of a 1985 crime movie starring Burt Reynolds and also Candice Bergen. Stick is the key character’s nickname, however it likewise calls up his car-thief, gun-wielding ways.

Stick, because that a “rifle” like an AK-47 attack rifle, to be popularized by southerly hip-hop, especially in Atlanta, Georgia and also Miami, Florida. City entries for it went up in 2010, despite an previously one native 2007 note stick‘s use for a handgun or pistol in the UK.

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Future exit “Stick Talk” in 2015 ~ above which the raps around the firepower that sticks. ~ above his viral 2016 “Dat $tick,” affluent Brian likewise uses stick in his lyrics. On confirmed annotations top top Genius, Brian, one Indonesian rapper based in Los Angeles, confirms the stick is slang for “gun.”

Stick is prevalent as hip-hop slang, normally featured in threats or acts of aggression around urban life. Atlanta rapper SahBabii came into the spotlight with his 2016 “Pull increase Wit Ah Stick,” whereby he raps: “Pull up with the stick, let it hit / I put this ~ above the ten, I’ma end.”

Hip-hop helped the slang spread right into the renowned lexicon, where, particularly online, civilization have made feeling riffs top top lyrics favor SahBabii’s pulling up with a stick.