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about the medical Test subject Part-Time Job

Decided to make this write-up after reading some princetoneclub.org posts around how world got themself poisoned throughout this job lol…

In one of the finest request to take it in this game during your at an early stage days, girlfriend will assist Ford as his Guinea Pig because that the brand-new medicines he is developing. This inquiry pays an extremely well in compare to various other request, in addition to get some arbitrarily stamina and food bonus effect depending upon which medicine you choose to drink.

General Infos:

1. Together stated, this inquiry pays girlfriend well and also have opportunity to completely recovers your stamina. That’s why ns recommend you to always take this inquiry whenever it appears as that doesn’t take place too often.

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2. Always SAVE her game before you take it this request together the medicine options you can choose to drink will certainly randomly decided the moment you take the request. So, girlfriend can readjust your choices if nobody of the available medicines look favorable for your benefit.

3. For ideal effectivity, I likewise recommend to no taking this request as soon as your stamina is still over 50% of her max parameter, just in situation you want to make the finest use that its 100% stamina recovers probability. Wait till your character almost collapsed before taking his medicine, then pick one the will recuperate your stamina so the you will be fit to work again!

4. Ford will pay friend at least 500G extra if you have accidentally/purposedly made decision a medicine with bad effect, such together depleting your stamina to only 1 heart left. You deserve to then use that extra money to eat at the restaurant to regain your stamina if girlfriend want. So, it’s not really the bad and you still acquire the ‘westown town rank’ points and also ‘part-time project skill’ points in spite of the negative result. In instance money is her aim, climate make sure you poison yourself lol.

5. You will additionally get much more payment bonus as soon as you have greater part-time job rank, so obtaining over 4000G for acquisition this task is not impossible at all.

6. It’s impossible to pass the end from his request. The worst point that can take place is your stamina will certainly be left through 1 heart, but never much less than that.

Now for the vials tips. I placed it listed below the save reading cut in instance I will upgrade it with brand-new datas. Make keep in mind this is not a 100% precise tips therefore data is not easily accessible even in every 4 guidebooks ns have. However, it to be tested by countless players (myself included) that have developed the japanese wiki, for this reason this is directly taken from the wiki and chance room you will still have actually high chance to get listed effect.


Light blue: almost (or always? I never ever failed this request) 100% possibility for 100% stamina recover.Red: virtually 90% possibility for full recover, 10% opportunity for stamina depleting to 1 heart.Green: 50% possibility for full stamina recover and also 50% possibility for stamina depletion to 1 heart.Blue: 70% chance for fifty percent of her max stamina recover and 30% opportunity for fifty percent of your max stamina recover and also a bonus meal strength buff.Orange: nearly 100% opportunity for fifty percent of your max stamina recover and a bonus meal power buff.

The bottle with the xx color label

Light Blue: 85% possibility for stamina depletion come 1 heart, 15% opportunity for full stamina recover.Yellow: 50% opportunity for half of max stamina recover, 50% possibility of half heart recover.Red: almost 100% opportunity for fifty percent heart recover.

The bottle v the xx shade cap

Red: nearly 100% possibility for fifty percent heart recover.Yellow: 60% opportunity for no effect, 40% possibility for stamina depletion to one heart.

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Blue: practically 100% possibility of no effect.

Feel free to include your own commentaries and also experiences!

I hope this will aid clear any type of questions and also especially because that those who gained traumatized through the stamina loss once they took this request for the an initial time, lol!

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