10 Best Behind The Scenes Photos From Supergirl With simply over 100 episodes and 5 seasons under its belt, The CW’s Supergirl is incredibly renowned. Here are its ideal BTS photos so far.

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With simply over 100 episodes and also five seasons under its belt, The CW’s Supergirl has actually regulated to garner fans from everywhere the civilization for its portrayal of beloved DC Comics superheroine Kara Danvers/Supergirl (played by Melissa Benoist), the organic cousin of Superguy.

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What renders the show and also its characters all the more enin the time of are the bevy of behind-the-scenes photos that surconfront generally, offering audiences an inside look at the actors and also their off-camera antics. Along through photos from the set of Supergirl, readers will certainly be given a few images from the Arrowverse, so look out for the Flash and Arrow to make an appearance. Below are 10 behind the scenes photos from Supergirl to enjoy.

Knvery own for sharing behind-the-scenes photos on her social media accounts, this one sees Benoist lounging in a warm tub throughout filming through her full Supergirl outfit on, cape and all. She looks calm and relaxed and also is sporting her signature bideal smile.

Taken in the time of Supergirl’s third season, this photo was also posted on Benoist’s Instagram account, to which she likewise assured fans that “no super suit was hequipped throughout the dip.” Glad to understand the suit is waterproof.

9 Sleeping Supergirl

Being a superheroine is no basic project. For Supergirl, she constantly hregarding watch over the skies and also safeguard those living in National City from the many villains trying to wreak havoc. For Melissa Benoist, she’s just a continuous humale trying to balance in remembering her lines, lengthy hrs of filming, and also stunt-filled days.

In this candid shot, Benoist can be checked out sneaking in a quick power nap between shots. At least she looks cozy.

Kevin Smith, the genius mind behind the iconic duo Jay and also Silent Bob, shared a behind-the-scenes photo from his time on set as a guest director during the series’ fourth seakid.

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Posing alongside Benoist, Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers) and David Harewood (J"onn J"onzz/Martian Manhunter), Smith seems best at home with the actors. Smith is no stranger to the Arrowverse, having currently directed previous episodes of Supergirl along with episodes of The Flash.

7 It’s Supergirl, It’s The Flash. No, It’s A Puppy

Knvery own for having actually multiple crossovers within the Arrowverse, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have actually become excellent friends (they both even starred on Glee). Here the duo have the right to be seen admiring a cute puppy, which happens to be Benoist’s dog, Milli. Benoist is dressed in full costume, while Gustin is not, interpretation also as soon as they aren’t filming, they are having a blast with one various other.

Additionally, after countless crossovers in between the two reflects, both superheroes currently reside on the very same Earth.

In addition to hanging out with Arrowverse/Glee star Grant Gustin in between shooting, Benoist manages to make time for her various other previous colleagues. During The Flash-Supergirl musical, Darren Criss (who played Blaine Anderson on Glee) guest-starred as the villainous Music Meister.

In the episode, the Music Meister caused all his victims to break out right into song, and also it quickly came to be the Glee reunion many type of fans were longing for. In the photo, Criss appears to be humorously fangirling Benoist.

5 Arrow, The Flash, And Supergirl United

The finish of 2016 noted the initially time Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl came together in one large crossover occasion. The epic occasion titled Heroes Vs. Aliens experienced the DC superheroes joining forces to save the planet from an alien invasion.

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In this on-set photo, Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) and also Grant Gustin (The Flash) deserve to all be watched having a blast together. And it seems just like on the screen, the actors gain alengthy just as nicely when the camages aren’t rolling.

Many years earlier, it appeared that just males in leading roles might retain the attention of audiences at residence. Rapid forward a couple of years later and also the females are now conquering the superhero scene.

In this photo we view plenty of girl power as Brit Morgan (Livewire), Italia Ricci (Silver Banshee) and Melissa Benoist have the right to be viewed practicing their lines and also mentioning upcoming takes. Not only perform they conquer on the display screen, but they are also making money moves behind it.

3 Flash Dancing

The duo really knows exactly how to work-related hard and also play also harder. Once aacquire a behind-the-scenes photo of Benoist and Gustin made its method on this list. Here the Flash deserve to be seen showing off his dance moves between takes while Benoist watches, and breaks photos, enthusiastically.

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This proves that the two actors are not simply partners in fighting versus evil onset, they are likewise friends in the real civilization, and also that need to make fans ecstatic.

Being a superhero is no basic job, which is why actors and also actresses are normally given body doubles and stand-ins to make filming run even more smoothly. Seen here is Benoist taking a break between takes via her lookaprefer stand-in.

What renders this photo added unique is Benoist deserve to be checked out holding hands via her stand-in, interpretation the pair many most likely share a distinct bond balance out.

1 Selfie

Here Supergirl stars Chyler Leigh, Melissa Benoist and Jeremy Jordan deserve to be watched taking a selfie, and it’s providing off all kinds of feels.

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Jordan exited the series in seachild 3 but has actually because made his long-awaited return to the display for its fifth seachild. In the series, he plays Kara’s (aka Supergirl) finest frifinish, that additionally happens to be a technology expert. It’s nice to watch the trio maintaining things fun off the collection.