browse, browser, check, click, cyberspace, examine, find, flip, glance, graze, hit, hyperspace, information, internet, network, Online, peruse, read, scan, search, skim, survey, wander, internet

Idiom scenario 1

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Two students are talking ...

Student 1: have actually you finished writing your term paper?

Student 2: No. I'm just about fifty percent finished.

Student 1: What's the problem?

Student 2: ns can't seem to uncover enough information because that my topic.

Student 1: have you do the efforts looking ~ above the Internet?

Student 2: i surfed the net for a pair of hrs yesterday and couldn't really discover anything useful.

Student 1: I mean you need to head end to the library then.

Idiom scenario 2

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Two friends are talking on the phone call ...

Friend 1: What room you doing?

Friend 2: not much. I'm simply surfing the net.

Friend 1: What are you spring for?

Friend 2: naught in particular, just looking at random pages.

Friend 1: Let's get together then.

Friend 2: Alright. Come over because that coffee.

Friend 1: watch you soon.

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to surf the net - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 828

to surf the net - Gerund Form:

Surfing the network can be a fun and also interesting diversion.

to surf the net - Examples:

1) Ask friends or surf the Net and also then call the instructor.

2) mine idea that a good time is to take a break and surf the net in search of outrageous organization promotion ideas.

3) There room many much more ways for human being to not work than come surf the net.

4) iPad or Android Pads have the right to surf the net anywhere, anytime.

5) It additionally has built-in Wi-Fi and also HSDPA and permits you come surf the net and check your emails.

6) castle do yet surf the net, watch famous TV and engage with truth shows.

7) I suppose I will certainly teach grannies come surf the net in mine spare time while offer coffee in ~ Starbucks during the day.

8) What is more, many business people occupational from home or surf the net after work-related -- an audience approaching TV proportions.

9) We want it come be practical to surf the net ~ above the Wii.

10) space they happy the if their guests desire to surf the net for free, they have to go next door come Starbucks.

11) client will have the ability to surf the net because that lowest obtainable prices.

12) on average, brothers children roughly the period of nine had been allowed to surf the net there is no adult supervision despite possible online threats.

13) They case that many of your patrons simply want a quiet place to surf the net and hang out.

14) If you want to surf the net, also the library isn't safe any longer.

15) Information about computer applications in nutrition education is rising considerably as students and also consumers surf the net for' technical information' on food and nutrition topics.

16) They likewise offer totally free wi-fi if you desire to surf the net while you're there.

17) ns wonder how many world are being paid taxation dollars to sit around and surf the net.

18) There space several civilization in my room who frequently talk and surf the net every day long.

19) ns could connect to the networks of factory on the way. So I might surf the net while in the traffic.

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20) cost-free WiFi # If you're searching for a place to surf the net or a place for a working lunch, look no further.