Princeton Pitch 2008: 90 seconds for $1,000

You know that brilliant business idea that’s been rattling around your head? Talk about it for 90 seconds for a chance to win $1000! Princeton Pitch 2008 is Princeton’s elevator pitch competition. Students have 90 seconds to pitch their business idea to a panel of 5 Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and Entrepreneurs to win the grand prize of $1,000. All you need is an idea. Register by November 16th at . Competition will take place at 7:30pm on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 in Friend 101. Catered Reception follows event. Workshop for all contestants with Professor John Danner, Princeton’s Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship on Tuesday, November 18 at 7:45pm in Frist 234. Come watch innovation at Princeton! Hosted by Princeton Entrepreneurship Club. Co-sponsored by Howard Cox ‘64, Sierra Ventures, Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, and Projects Board.


  1. 90 seconds per pitch. We recommend, given the time constraint, that only 1 member of each team pitch, but this is just a suggestion. A flag will be raised by a PEC member at 80 seconds, notifying you that you only have 10 seconds left, and that it is time to wrap up the pitch.
  2. No presentation aides (PowerPoints, props, etc.) will be allowed. You will just have yourself and the microphone to speak to the panel of judges and the audience. This is because the whole purpose of an elevator pitch is to be able to explain your idea without any props. Judges will only be able to understand a good idea via a clear, compelling explanation, just as a VC would in an elevator (hence the term "elevator pitch").
  3. You'll see on the pitch below that the order of the teams is divided up into 4 groups, the first 2 groups of 8 teams, and the second 2 groups with 7 teams in each. This is because we will have 8 teams pitch, one after another as quickly as possible, and will take a break of 5-10 mins after each group of 8 teams for the judges to confer, assess their scores, take a breath, and move on. The next group of 8 will then pitch, then a break, then the group of 7, a break, and the final group of 7.
  4. Following from the last point, you must be ready to pitch as soon as the person in front of you has left the stage. We will hopefully be able to project the names of the team currently pitching, and the team that will be "up next," on the screen in Friend 101. If you are not ready within 15 seconds of the last team's pitch, we will move on, and you will not have a chance to pitch (this is due to the obvious time constraints of having 30 teams pitch).

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What is an elevator pitch?

Elevator pitch (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

An elevator pitch (or elevator speech) is a brief overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The pitch is so called because it can be delivered in the time span of an ride (say, thirty seconds or 100-150 words).

Princeton Pitch 2008: Results

The Winner: Tony Xiao '12 - AirCrumble Technologies

Transcript of Tony Xiao '12's winning pitch:

Princeton Pitch 2008: Contestants

1. Nick Frey '09, Tom Yersak '09, Will Watts '09, Doug Wolf '09 - Sol Cycles
2. Justin Seidenfeld '09, Adam Tishman '09, Benton Erwin '09, Hesham El Halaby '09 - VitaSmile
3. Sankalp Gosain '11, Jesus Escoriaza '10, Jonathan Lea '10, Bruce Halperin '09 - Lean Sleeves
4. Philip Acciarito '12 - RustTrack
5. Wenxin Zhu '12, Mark Xia '12 - Band Together
6. Mehmet Vural *11 - Going Public
7. Cameron Creel '12 - Tekdog
8. Carter Cleveland '09 -

Princeton Pitch 2008: Judges

Mario Casabona - Chairman, JumpStart NJ Angel Network; President & CEO, Casabona Ventures; Serial Entrepreneur (Former Founder & CEO, Electro-Radiation Inc. (ERI) (Acquired by Honeywell International in 2004); Advisor to many companies))

Kenneth Kay - Serial Entrepreneur (Former Founder & CEO, Ebudgets; Advisor to many companies); Founding member & Former Chairman, JumpStart NJ Angel Network

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