The photo shows “Mueller through his hand in an unreasonable place and also a grin ~ above his face,” the court record says.

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A photograph deemed also prejudicial for public view prior to a jury psychological is held in Denver U.S. District Court depicts a radio talk present host grinning as he gropes music superstar Taylor Swift’s “bottom,” according to a newly released court document.

Judge wilhelm J. Martinez recently sealed the photo on the basis the “widespread media dissemination of this picture might considerably complicate jury selection.” But Martinez had denied a share defense/plaintiff motion to seal specific facts and details indigenous the instance including the summary of the photograph.

Attorneys for Taylor, her radio promotions director Frank Bell and also her mother revealed details around the photograph on Monday because that the very first time in a reply to one amended slander lawsuit filed by radio host David “Jackson” Mueller. 


Taylor Swift performs to a sold out group June 2, 2013 throughout her Red Tour prevent in Denver in ~ Pepsi Center.

The photo shows “Mueller with his hand in an unreasonable place and a grin ~ above his face,” the court record says. The paper also reveals that he groped Swift’s “bottom” and also repeats an previously revelation the Mueller lifted Swift’s skirt prior to groping her.

“The image shown in the photograph of Ms. Swift with … Mueller speaks for itself,” the court record says.

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Bell admits relenten the snapshot to Bob Call, Mueller’s boss, a job after the alleged assault, i beg your pardon allegedly occurred before a Swift concert in the Pepsi facility on June 2, 2013, according to the document. Bell also acknowledged sending out the picture to Call.

Mueller filed the slander suit in September 2015 against Swift and her co-defendants, claiming he to be fired indigenous his job and banned indigenous Swift concerts for life based on false allegations around the alleged groping. Mueller had been invited, as part of his then-job at 98.5 KYGO ~ above the “Ryno and also Jackson” morning show, to fulfill Swift backstage. Mueller’s suit claims a partner groped Swift, no him.

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Swift filed a federal counterclaim in October of 2015 accusing Mueller that assaulting her.

The filing Monday says that Mueller is no entitled to any kind of court relief because he “has involved in wrongful, unconscionable, or inequitable conduct regarding his assault on Ms. Swift.”