Fred Hammond, MegaFest 2017 – AARP held a caregiving panel with Regina Belle, Fred Hammond, will certainly Downing, and also Chris Walker. The panelist speak openly and honestly about the struggles of being a caregiver and also gave actionable advice to every the attendees

MegaFest 2017 – AARP hosted a caregiving panel through Regina Belle, Fred Hammond, will Downing, and also Chris Walker. The panelist talked openly and honestly around the battles of gift a caregiver and also gave plot advice to the attendees.

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Tasha Smith

Tasha Smith, workshop was amazing! Ms. Blacksmith is a wonderful woman of God, she carried out the ideal in the aspiring actors. She studio is located in LA. Tasha Smith acting Workshop was such a great experience.

She right now stars in the Tyler Perry tv series, For better Or Worse. Smith’s memorable portrayal of ‘Angela’ in Perry’s crate office hits, Why did I obtain Married? and Why did I get Married, Too?,

Robi Reed , Tasha Smith with Ms. Caddie that Devine southern Belle the Houston Magazine.

A inquiry of Faith!! is a need to see movie, The screening to be awesome, ns don’t think that it was a dried eye during this movie screening.

Mrs. Pat Smith

New Book: The Hollywood Commandments

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