Tech 21 Evo Mesh and Evo inspect Review – One of ours favourite clean cases

Today we’re walking to evaluation the tech 21 Evo Mesh and or examine depending on wherein you get it from. This is a decent case, sitting at #12 out of the 78 instances that we’ve reviewed therefore far. Us personally enjoy using the technology 21 Evo Mesh however it does boost the broad of the iphone phone so utilizing it ~ above the 7 Plus might be too large for some. Tech 21 insurance claims that the Evo Mesh has a stunner amount of drop-protection which us think is a little bit fluffy.

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For our technology 21 Evo Check and Evo Mesh Review, we’ve offered the situation a score the 4.0 Ehs out of 5. Many world ask united state what ours favourite instances are and also the technology 21 Evo Mesh/Check is one that stays in the rotation once we’re in in between cases. If you’re trying to find a similar clear case, you can inspect out the Gear4 Picadilly, the tech 21 influence Clear, Ballistic Jewel. In ours opinion, a good alternative come this situation would be the Thule Atmos X4.

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The technology 21 Evo Mesh/Check is quite a slim case. It is just a tad thicker than the Moshi Armor however is lot wider. The sides of the situation will add around 3.5 mm’s for this reason the extra width is noticeable yet is counter by the “grippiness” that the products used. The case generally fits the iphone 7’s fairly well though it has a bit more give than other instances which could be a problem during drops.

The instance won’t slide around at all and unlike various other clear cases, the architecture on the earlier of the situation will hide scratches and also fingerprinting very well. The structure of the case is awesome due to the fact that of exactly how rubbery the material is. However not rubbery sufficient to pull your pockets out all the time.

Protection – 9 Ft drop defense for the corners

For protection, the tech 21 Evo Mesh has actually two visible layers. The within bumper is ribbed for the iphone phone 7’s shock security pleasure and also the edge of the situation are high enough to use through glass screen protectors. In spite of having a bit more give than various other cases, we don’t think the dust and debris will certainly be one issue.

Tech 21 insurance claims that this case has 9 ft drop protection which is other we’re not fully sold on since of how flexible the instance is. From ours experience, face-first drop protection occurs with instances that have backs that are rigid. The rigidity helps save the iphone from in reality popping out. The earlier of the technology 21 Evo Mesh and Evo inspect is extremely flexible and the edge can easily come off the side of the iPhone. This does not bode well because that the iphone in the situation during a face-first drop.

BUT 100% face an initial drop is an uncommon occurrence. Many accidental iphone drops will usually result in a edge hitting the ground an initial and the extra large edges of the technology 21 Evo Mesh and Evo inspect will absolutely absorb the influence from that drop.

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Functionality – The handling of the iphone phone outweighs the stiff power/sleep button

When it comes to accessing her iPhone within the case, we provided that the power/sleep switch was more tough to press than the various other buttons yet in our opinion, the all at once handling of the case overshadows this deficiency. We had no problems accessing the display or ports. And one-handed consumption is optimal notch.

What go she say around the technology 21 Evo Mesh and also Evo Check?

(This is our attempt at seeing points from a female perspective):”

“Looks Cheap” (Despite being a $50 dollar case)“Makes the iPhone too big”“Ugly”“I acquired a Speck case for $20. Why ns pay $50 because that this one?”“I think this would be a good case for ladies”

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