What go a expert in this career Do?

Responsible because that designing and leading technological training program for staff at an organization or company. Works through the employee to identify their technical requirements and therefore their training needs and also objectives; offers presentations, workshops or technology-supported training.

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Job Outlook

There were 112 technological Trainer project postings in north Carolina in the past year and also 3273 in the unified States.

In combination with other careers in the training and breakthrough Specialist industry, which contains the technological Trainer career, the adhering to graph shows the variety of people employed because that each year due to the fact that 2004:


Many new Technical Trainer jobs have actually salaries approximated to it is in in the adhering to ranges, based upon the requirements and responsibilities noted in task postings from the previous year.


The average approximated salary in the United says for this career, based on job postings in the past year, is $66,005.


The average estimated salary in north Carolina because that this career, based upon job postings in the previous year, is $63,527.

Percentiles represent the percentage that is reduced than the value. Because that example, 25% of approximated salaries for technical Trainer postings in the United claims in the previous year were lower than $56,539.

Education and Experience

Posted technical Trainer jobs typically require the following level of education. The numbers listed below are based upon job postings in the United states from the previous year. No all project postings list education and learning requirements.

Education LevelPercentage
Associate's Degree7%
Bachelor's Degree57%
Master's Degree22%
Doctoral Degree0%

Posted technical Trainer jobs generally require the following variety of years the experience. The numbers below are based upon job postings in the United claims from the previous year. Not all task postings list endure requirements.


Below are listings of the most typical general and dedicated skills technical Trainer positions expect applicants to have and the most common skills that identify individuals from your peers. The percent of project postings that specifically point out each ability is also listed.

Baseline Skills

A skill that is required throughout a broad selection of occupations, including this one.

Communication Skills (56%)Microsoft Office (39%)Teamwork / Collaboration (32%)Microsoft Powerpoint (30%)Microsoft Excel (30%)

Defining Skills

A core skill for this occupation, it occurs typically in job postings.

Technical Training (70%)Training Materials (45%)Training Programs (27%)Instructional Design (14%)Technical writing / Editing (10%)

Necessary Skills

A ability that is requested frequently in this occupation however isn’t particular to it.

Project Management (16%)Teaching (16%)Scheduling (16%)Technical Assistance (15%)Customer Service (13%)

Distinguishing Skills

A skill that may identify a subset of the occupation.

Epic Systems (7%)Adobe Captivate (7%)Learning Styles (6%)Lesson Planning (6%)Content Development (5%)

Salary an increasing Skills

A professional who desire to excel in this career path might consider occurring the complying with highly valued skills. The percent of project postings that specifically point out each skill is provided along v the marginal value: the average salary difference in between postings the request that skill and those that perform not.

Epic Systems (7%) – marginal value $3,538

Alternative task Titles

Sometimes employers article jobs with technical Trainer an abilities but a various job title. Part common alternate job titles include:

Technical maintain SpecialistSenior technological TrainerPrincipal technical TrainerEsg Training and also Technical aid Coronavirus Esg-Cv Program

Similar Occupations

If you room interested in exploring occupations with similar skills, you might want to study the following job titles. Keep in mind that we just list job that have at least one corresponding NC State Online and also Distance education program.

Common Employers

Here space the labor that have posted the many Technical Trainer work in the previous year in addition to how many they have actually posted.

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United States

Northrop Grumman (145)Amazon (68)Peraton Corporation (60)Microsoft Corporation (51)Leidos (40)

North Carolina

Apc (8)Talent software program Services (4)Alcami (4)Day & Zimmermann Incorporated (3)Mwidm Inc (3)

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