The girls react to the emotional chaos that Kailyn and Javi experienced, and also celebrate Chelsea"s engagement v a fun game.

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Leah flirts through the idea that getting ago with Jeremy. Isaac battles with Javi’s unavoidable deployment. Jenelle’s birthday expedition to brand-new York transforms sour after hearing native Nathan.

With guest host Chris Distefano, we welprincetoneclub.orge several of the males from "Teen mommy 2" to princetoneclub.orgment on the show, your lives and also we gain to know them much better with a popular music quiz.

Javi states a tearful goodbye to his family before deployment. Jenelle meets through Nathan, fueling David’s jealousy. Corey and Leah challenge off at Ali’s doctor’s appointment. Chelsea and also Cole debate changing Aubree’s critical name.

We carry the girl of "Teen mother 2" and also "Teen mother OG" together for one episode-specific discussion and to face off over that knows an ext about "Teen Mom" history.

Leah and also Corey battle in court end custody the the twins. Jenelle agrees to let Nathan check out Kaiser and David volunteer to be their call person. Kailyn struggles to help Isaac while he misses Javi.
In anticipation of Mother"s Day, the moms discuss the highs and lows the motherhood, check out part adorable clip of their children, and find the end just how much the children know around them.
The actors of "Teen mom 2" looks ago at few of the an ext amusing clips from throughout the series, princetoneclub.orgmenting on and also laughing about regrettable wardrobe choices, bizarre misunderstandings, and more.
Barbara and also David challenge off end Jenelle, leading to a 911 call. Aubree it s okay a new accessory. Kailyn and Javi struggle with his deployment. Leah it s okay troubling news around custody.
The moms talk about the most romantic, and heartbreaking, moments from "Teen mother 2" and also play a revealing game that gets them princetoneclub.orge say "I Do."
Kailyn tries to fix her relationship with Vee. Cole escorts Aubree to she father/daughter dance. Some mysterious clinical ailments force Jenelle princetoneclub.orge seek assist in new York.
The moms talk about everything that happened in tonight"s illustration of "Teen Mom," and play a game of “That’s What She Said”.
Jenelle’s medical woes lead to a terrible fight v Barbara. Leah and also Miranda make amends. Aubree autumn a big question top top Adam. Kailyn rebuilds her connection with Jo but distances herself from Javi.
An emotional meltdown end Barb ruins Jenelle’s funny day through her sons.. Kailyn and also Javi’s marriage is dangerously close to divorce. Chelsea celebrates landmarks with Aubree.
Dr. Drew hosts the actors of Teen mother 2 in front of a live studio audience and learns how Leah is coparenting v both Corey and also Jeremy. Jenelle and also Nathan challenge off end Kaiser.
In part two, Adam intimidates to leaving the present as Chelsea do the efforts to face him over spending time with Aubree. Kailyn and Javi open up around their marital concerns during an emotionally discussion about divorce.
Nessa and the moms dish on never-before-seen moments and take a trip down memory lane through each of your children.
While Barbara fights to perform what is ideal for Jace, Barbara likewise wants to uncover princetoneclub.orgpanionship. After 4 years the the solitary life, Barbara sets out to find someone to share in wine, laughter, and also love.
The cast of Teen mother 2 takes you behind the scenes of an explosive finale special. View what really happens when all the girls obtain together and what goes under after they leave the stage.
A hilarious and also touching crash course on the adventures the Leah, Chelsea, Kailyn and also Jenelle. A journey through the ages that looks in ~ the loves and losses of gift a young mom, and shows the ups and downs of parenting.
Jenelle deals with Nathan and his girl friend in court because that her assault trial. Aubree goes dress shopping for Chelsea and also Cole"s wedding, if Adam airs some frustrations. Jeremy has to leave town, much to Addie and also Leah’s dismay.
Jenelle takes the was standing to protect her debacle through Nathan"s girlfriend. Don’t miss out on the premiere of #TeenMom2 January second at 9/8c!
Leah has a turbulent day and also concerned that she might miss the girls" game. Don’t miss out on the premiere of #TeenMom 2 January second at 9/8c!
The actors of The Hills it s okay a new start once The Hills: new Beginnings premieres ~ above June 25 ~ above AU and NZ.

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