It’s time because that a brand-new episode of Teen mommy 2 2015. Top top this week’s episode, Jenelle Evans encounters felony charges and Chelsea Houska notices how Adam Lind is affecting their daughter Aubree. Because that a refresher top top what happened last week, review my recap of mainly 10.

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This week’s Teen mom 2 2015 opened with Chelsea, Aubree and Cole DeBoer happy hanging out at your house. Chelsea mirrors Cole the Aubree do a drawing for him for Father’s Day. It is really sweet.

Jenelle narrates that she and Nathan Griffiths room hooking increase again yet she’s not sure if he’s still with one more girl. She finds him in ~ the gym. He tells her, “Listen, ns am not through you.” She tells him that she’s been having panic attacks all day. As she drives home from see him, she cries.

Jenelle is crying at her house when Nathan go in, put his eight on her and says, “Gym time is me time.” She says that she doesn’t recognize where your friendship or connection is going and also asks what’s going on. That stands up and says that he’s going to leave, climate asks why she’s begging to have actually him earlier if he’s so bad. He speak her that she’s trailer trash, then goes downstairs and also sits top top the couch.

While Leah Messer is in a therapy center, Corey Simms takes treatment of your daughters. He speak to his mam Miranda Simms about how the girl aren’t offered to staying below for this long and also don’t know why castle can’t talk to your mother. Corey states that remaining with him more often would assist the girl have more stability and much more rules.

Chelsea finds out that Adam is going come be the end of city on Father’s Day instead of being there because that Aubree. Chelsea tells her own father the Aubree is excited for Cole to live with them. Castle talk about how Aubree is starting to think the Cole together a dad.

Jenelle spends time through Barbara Evans. Barbara reminds her the she can’t trust Nathan. She tells she she’s proud of she for doing she schoolwork and also everything, but likewise adds a comment around how “usually you always quit.” Jenelle talks around how challenging things with Nathan are since they have actually a boy together and she’ll still need to see him.

Kailyn Lowry and also Javi Marroquin arrive at Isaac‘s critical soccer game of the season. They speak to Jo Rivera and find out that he’s late. As a result, Isaac misses the totality game.

Corey meets with Jeremy Calvert, that has also had a baby with Leah. Castle both agree that Leah has a problem and also that they need to make certain the children are taken care of properly.

Chelsea narrates that she’s having a pretty Father’s Day with her dad, she’s simply sad that Aubree isn’t doing the same. She reflects her dad the drawing Aubree made of your family.

Jenelle meets with her girlfriend Krista and also tells her that she and Nathan obtained in a huge fight and that Nathan finished up reporting she for criminal residential violence. Because there’s now a warrant the end for her arrest, she needs to turn herself in the following day.

Leah call in to the hearing come finalize her divorce with Jeremy, since she’s still at her therapy center. She call her family after the divorce has actually been finalized. She assures them she’s figuring a lot the end at the treatment center and learning a most coping skills. Anyone in her family members agrees the she sound a lot better.

After Jo misses Isaac’s preschool graduation, Kailyn messages him to view what happened. Jo says that Isaac is probably better off without the “tension” in between them. Kailyn doesn’t know why he’d perform this after ~ she tried come be understanding in your conversation around child support. Javi says, “Take his ass come court.”

Aubree tells Chelsea that she referred to as her dad twice however he didn’t answer. They start talking around Cole relocating in and also Aubree says, “I great my dad to be acting an ext like him.” Chelsea asks whether she thinks Cole is choose a dad and Aubree claims that the is. Chelsea asks her, “Do you desire a boyfriend someday? just how old space you gonna be when you have a boyfriend?” Aubree says, “Twenty.” Chelsea tells her, “Good. An excellent answer.”

Jenelle meets through her lawyer, who describes the seriousness that the charges and also how it could have the results of a felony. She offers her advice around how to take care of things v Nathan.

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