Amber and Matt attempt to put a prevent to the tabloid rumors neighboring them, yet are sidetracked through a visit from Matt’s troubled son while Farrah encounters an employee at FroCo that’s no living as much as her high standards. Tyler and also Catelynn celebrate Butch’s an initial year the end of prison, when Taylor and also Bentley setup something special for Maci’s birthday.

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Mackenzie tries to number out where she stands through Josh, Cheyenne starts something new with one old flame, and Catelynn and Tyler battle with their decision come send Nova come school.

Catelynn functions toward becoming a certified microblading artist, Maci struggles with her decision come send Bentley to counseling, and also Mackenzie accepts a project offer in Florida.

Mackenzie changes her plans due to her dad"s health, Amber join Gary"s household for a trip, Cheyenne"s friends inquiry her romance through Zach, and also Catelynn considers having another baby.

Catelynn and Tyler make a chore chart to aid curb Nova"s entitled behavior, Mackenzie delays her move for she dad"s surgery, and Maci and Taylor feeling Jen and also Larry knowingly deceived them.

Catelynn and Tyler shot to thrive their family, Cheyenne and Zach discuss getting a residence together, and Mackenzie clashes through Josh around her relocate to Florida.
Mackenzie and also her kids arrive in Florida, Cheyenne reveals significant news at her date of birth celebration, and also Catelynn considers her next move after coming to be a certified microblading artist.
Tyler and also Catelynn speak to Nova about her personal bubble, Mackenzie adjusts come life in Florida, Maci has the birds and also the bees chat with Bentley, and Cheyenne it s okay an ultrasound.
Cheyenne and Zach attend to pressure to acquire married prior to the infant arrives, Catelynn and Tyler it is registered to poll for the an initial time, and Amber faces criticism indigenous Leah for her absence.
Catelynn and also Tyler worry around the outcomes of Nova"s standardization test, Mackenzie experiences her very first birthday without her mom, and Maci copes through the aftermath of a traumatic event.
Cheyenne finds a means to promote gyeongju justice, Tyler learns his sister has relapsed, and also Leah"s strained relationship with her mommy is worsened once Amber skips her date of birth party.
Join organize Ken Jeong and also celebrities like Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Seventeen, Olivia Munn and Daniel Dae Kim come stand with the AAPI ar with See us Unite for Change, Friday in ~ 8/7c.
Sebastian Maniscalco does his ideal to find out the necessary names because that the 2019 VMAs before he hosts on august 26, yet he"s obtained a long means to go.

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REVOLUTIONARY: Sean Daley call in throughout our live stream to remember Prince his many heartfelt way.