The Drax selection being the only determining aspect in Gamora/Rocket/Drax staying or leaving is a bit disappointing, however it to the right pretty fine in mine playthrough. Here"s exactly how it most likely went under story-wise for me:I wasn"t the ideal to Rocket (and he wasn"t come me), yet I did okay. Ns did protest him in arguments and kept bringing increase Lylla, something that was not happy about. Harming Groot to be the last straw, it seemed. Hope ns can acquire him back.I did no side with Gamora throughout many of the an initial two episodes concerning big choices. However, from episode 3-4, I persuaded her to not provide up ~ above family, so i assume she assumed I"d be lost without one too. I"ve been ideal bros through Drax because that the entire time (at the very least that"s how I view it). I trusted him, and him me... Mostly. Ns guess denying a sacrifice of the calibur and also keeping that from having a "warrior"s death" was a big no in his culture. I usually betrayed his entire calling, and also he did not choose that. Groot is kind of tied come Rocket, so ns let that leave. He want to stay, but I assumed he need to go for the moment being. Maybe he simply needs to job-related out his independence with Rocket himself.And that"s the Guardians, and how they stand towards me.. I really great I might have kept Mantis. She was such a happiness to have around, and also I was yes, really trying to gain Peter and her together.

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I know it"s bad, and also I understand she could die on this trip, but I wanted to offer Meredith a beautiful sendoff. I recognize it"ll be an excellent in the next episode and also I"ll probably be lugged to tears. Future me will say thanks to me, I"m sure.I knew i couldn"t really talk some sense right into Rocket, and I had a emotion that Gamora wanted to leaving the Guardians. I checked out talk her the end of it.I can"t believe this to be a choice., you"re insane. And also I favor it!. Ns don"t recognize why I made decision this. Maybe due to the fact that it was... The cleaner route? IDK.I was not going to let my best bud die. No to a large worm monster, no now. Too bad this backfired ~ above me in the worst way. Drax was fully offended therefore he left the Guardians in the end, and Groot was badly injured. Great... Can this get any worse?I was nice come the worm. I knew it was Obviously A death Trap, yet I figured why not, check out what it can do. I then carried it v me, since I know it"ll carry out some an excellent in the following episode. It"s far from it"s brethren, no crowd mentality, and this won"t stab me in the back, right? ns didn"t death the universe? What else deserve to it do? Pshhh... Nothing. That"s what.

Does anyone have actually the website choices? Mine haven"t been getting here lately (for Minecraft, Batman, and also now Guardians).


State that the Galaxy:





Hala-Forge Empowered



Went forward v the camping trip-Figured Meredith was going to die anyway, so may too end on a high noteTravelled with Gamora-I felt favor Rocket didn’t want anything to do with anyone. Plus, I had just acquired into an discussion with him once I told him to shut his mouth.

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Exited out the back of the gigantic worm-Figured the worm wouldn’t notification if us left through its rear together opposed come the frontRefused to aid Drax-I didn’t desire him come dieFinished v a new friend-Named him Bowie

Rocket - GuardianGamora - MIADrax - DeceasedGroot - MIAHala - forge EmpoweredNebula - Deceased


Went on the camping TripWent with GamoraWent out the worm"s assSacrificed DraxBrought Blue through us

Originally i did empower the forge, climate I have replayed that episode and destroyed it. But I will most likely replay the again to initial state because I am really curious around Halaa kid at the finish of ep4.

So mine ep4:*go camping*travel v Rocket*exit from back of the worm*help Drax sacrifice himself*keep small pet worm