Defensive Driving

Our Texas protective driving food (or driving safety course) is all digital for your convenience.

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Ready come head right into the DPS office? check the location and hours, and also schedule an appointment if you require one. To find an office ar in a different city, usage the dropdown menu above.

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Hurst, TX DPS


624 Northeast Loop 820,Hurst, TX 76053

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8:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday

7:30 am - 5:00 PM

Tues., Wed., Thurs., & Fri.


(817) 299-1300

Make Your trip to the DPS less Painful

A trip to the DPS deserve to feel stressful there is no planning ahead. So, before you operation out the door. We’ve gathered a couple of tips to do your trip to the department of Public security a tiny less agonizing.

Just Don’t walk - perform it Online

Did you know the Texas DPS offers details services online? friend can:

Renew one expired drivers license or to know card.Replace a lost or stolen motorists license or identification card.Change your address on your chauffeurs license or identification card.

If you require one of this services, try doing it virtual first. Walk HERE.

See exactly how it works:

Cut in Line, Legally

At certain DPS locations, you can electronically gain in line v a organization called Get In line Online. GILO allows you to:

Apply for a first-time motorists license, learners permit, or id card.Renew an expired motorists license or identification card.Replace a shed or stolen drivers license or to know card.Change your attend to on your motorists license or identification card.

Just schedule an meeting online. The DPS will certainly send girlfriend an SMS text notification of her appointment time. Walk to work, to visit a class, run errands, or clock a movie till your approved appointment time.

Get In heat Online isn’t available everywhere. Discover if your DPS place offers it HERE.

See exactly how it works:

Avoid the Rush

If online aid isn’t obtainable for her DPS office or you have a complex transaction, your ideal option is come avoid details times and also days:

Avoid Mondays and Fridays. In general, Mondays and also Fridays have tendency to be busier than various other days.Avoid lunchtime. A the majority of optimistic people brave the DPS in ~ lunch thinking they’ll obtain through the heat quickly. They usually don’t.Avoid the day prior to or ~ a holiday. The DPS isn’t open up on holidays. All those client not gaining serviced spill end to various other days.

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