LOS ANGELES -- Lauren Conrad has a new soundtrack to her life, and also it doesn"t incorporate Natasha Bedingfield.

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That"s right: The Hills star has moved on, even if nostalgic pan haven"t.

In respect of the truth show"s 10th anniversary, MTV aired The Hills: the Was Then, This Is Now, a distinct featuring present-day Conrad talking around the show"s best-kept secrets and also revealing what it to be really choose living her pivotal year on camera.

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Here"s what us learned -- and re-learned-- after watching The Hills: the Was Then, This Is Now.

Lauren tho has good hair once driving down the PCH in a convertible


Can you even tell i beg your pardon photos are from 10 years back and i beg your pardon ones are from the special?

The 30-year-old designer and author has adjusted a lot, but her flawless windblown hair has remained the same.

But ... She has actually a new jam

The illustration starts turn off of course v Bedingfield"s track "Unwritten" -- but, as Conrad says, her soundtrack has changed, for this reason she switches the radio in the car.

The brand-new song of an option is catchy however not as familiar. Per Shazam, it"s called Kari Kimmel"s "As lengthy As We"re Together."

Because alas, together the title reveals: the was then, this is now.

The Hills teach Lauren a lot


There to be a the majority of moments transparent the special that juxtaposed Lauren"s current life as a mogul/fashion designer and also her life together an intern for teenager Vogue. Earlier then, she had actually to solve Lady Gaga"s zipper behind the scenes at a fashion show.

Now, she"s fixing zippers -- but it"s for her models wearing her own fashion line.

"It’s vital to begin at the bottom and slowly job-related your means up," Lauren claimed in the special.

Conrad has actually two lines: LC Lauren Conrad (sold at Kohl"s) and record Crown. She likewise started an virtual fair trade shop with Hannah Skvarla, which gives world the possibility to by handmade assets by artisans approximately the world

Yep: started from the bottom now she"s here.

Jason turned the end OK


Credit: mtv screenshot

Remember when Lauren claimed no come going to Paris to cave out v then-boyfriend Jason Wahler? yet then they broke up that very same summer?

Lauren said during the distinct that the hardest component of filming their reunion scene was seeing Jason no sober.

But things settled for both the them.

"Jason’s story has actually a happy ending," Lauren said. "He is sober now and married and really happy."

Lauren didn"t choose being ~ above camera and also doesn"t re-watch the show.

"I never loved being on camera," Lauren confessed.

But she claimed yes to the present after being approached by Adam DiVello, the show"s creator.

Until the anniversary special, Lauren didn"t re-watch any type of footage.

"The present isn’t miscellaneous I like to relive," she said. "I don’t go back and clock the show ... For me, it doesn’t always bring back the ideal of memories."

Confrontation was not forced, simply "encouraged"


Credit: mtv screenshot

Let"s never ever forget the classic Lauren crying face. Yet perhaps much less tears would have been burned if there weren"t producers telling Lauren to speak to everyone she was in a hit with.

"Confrontation -- ns don’t want to say was forced however it to be encouraged," Lauren said throughout the special. "Typically when you have actually a fight with a girlfriend you don’t pick up your phone for a couple of weeks."

But Lauren admitted: "Sometimes our disagreements seemed ridiculous."

Producers composed out script for details situations


Credit: mtv screenshot

"That"s creepy," Lauren tells Sophia Rossi, that was a talent producer ~ above The Hills, during the special.

"I absolutely felt collection up, not all the time. I was therefore hurt by these people I didn"t want to it is in in the same room as them."

It was basic to disappear at Les Deux

Credit: mtv screengrab

"That to be why I preferred Le Doux, if you essential a moment -- there were so many rooms --we might disappear yes, really quickly," Lauren said. "If you needed a minute to prefer not be on camera."

Producers type of "trapped" Heidi and also Lauren during a watercraft party

Credit: mtv screenshot

Ah yes, that watercraft party -- the one with an epic apology and a most tears.

"They placed Heidi on the boat and also they were favor "go walk go leaving the dock" so we were choose trapped," Lauren recalled.

Rossi claimed the cast members to be 500 feet native shore and also everyone to be "losing your minds."

But after that confrontation, Lauren said the two former friends pertained to terms v what happened.

"It was like mourning a friendship," Lauren claimed of the night.

Lauren to be attracted to Brody jenner but...

Credit: mtv/screenshot

"The funny point was: We had zero chemistry," Lauren said. "He was my friend, I took pleasure in spending time through him, however it constantly felt forced."

The romance to be a classic "made for TV" situation. The special also showed footage that never ever aired where Lauren and Brody -- post kiss -- both hoax "can us please it is in done? that was the most awkward thing ever."

"We knew the cameras were making that look choose there was an ext than the was," Lauren said. "There to be so much pressure ~ above me at that point to obtain a boyfriend or day someone the was willing to movie that i let castle do every little thing they wanted."

That Paris romantic was every scripted

Credit: Mtv screenshot

"Guys would certainly come over and also I knew castle had currently signed a release due to the fact that they were mic"d," Lauren said.

Apparently producers want Lauren to "ruin she dress" and also go on a date with the european guy. The producers want to do Lauren"s day kiss her, also though she claimed she didn"t desire to it is in kissed by him.

In unused footage, Lauren"s day is heard saying: "She ran prefer a thief, she knew everything, girlfriend know?"

CORRECTION: This post has to be updated come reflect the exactly spelling because that Kohl"s and also Les Deux.

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