The two-hour season premiere took a close look at at whatever leading up to the incident of alleged misconduct—but left a pair details out for an additional day.

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Chances are that many fans will never recognize the complete story that what floor Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 come a halt earlier this summer. Still, ~ above Monday night, viewers tuned in come the show’s Season 4 premiere to uncover out as lot as they could around what, exactly, taken place in June in between Corinne Olympios and also DeMario Jackson. together promised, the opener immediately dove into the dispute that engulfed the season—with a full recap that the an initial two job of filming, before the cameras originally stopped rolling. (An on-camera conversation between host Chris Harrison and the cast around the show’s new rules going forward will certainly air top top Tuesday night.) The illustration that adhered to was one unwieldy hybrid: on one hand, it seems that ABC and Warner Bros. Desire to act choose this season was just like any other—but ~ above the other, they seemingly can’t stand up to that reality-TV advertise to turn everything into dramatic fodder.

From the premiere’s first couple of seconds, the dispute that surrounded the show came to be a source of drama; the series opened on audio native a collection of news broadcasts spanning the alleged “trouble in paradise” before Chris Harrison take it the phase to supply an opening monologue:

Welcome come a brand-new season the Bachelor in Paradise. As numerous of youknow, this was a season the Paradise the looked choose it can nothappen. After two days of shooting, we determined to suspend production.Yes, over there was trouble in paradise, together accusations and also allegations ranwild. It was an extraordinarily stressful and also emotional time for allof our cast and also our crew, and also myself. Rest assured the our intention,as always, to be to do a show about summer fun—and, that course, love. .. But before we welcome your favorite Bachelor and Bachelorettes backto Paradise, let’s begin with every little thing that happened during thetwo and also a half days the filming before we quit production. For this reason let’sget this season started. A season that ns can certainly say will certainly godown in Bachelor history as the most shocking, and also yes, the mostdramatic season ever.

Both DeMario and also Corinne’s introductions, filmed before the “trouble,” to be poignant. The former insisted that he was there to collection the document straight—regarding his departure from The Bachelorette, which happened after a woman showed up claiming to be his girlfriend—and to uncover “the future Mrs. Jackson.” he emphasized his excitement for new beginnings, saying, “I’m a good guy.” together for Corinne, she called Harrison, “I’m not going to run on the an initial guy that mirrors me a little bit of attention. . . . If you desire to have this, you’ve obtained to job-related real hard.” throughout her on-camera interview, she added, “I’m right currently doing me, i beg your pardon is what I execute best. It take it me a while to bounce earlier from Nick ’s season, and right currently I’m my best self. . . . This is going to it is in really various from my critical season, ns think, due to the fact that now i’m in charge.” when the two an initial meet, DeMario is presented in an on-camera interview admitting, “I’ve wanted Corinne since day one, and I desire to gain to know her, Corinne, ideal now.”

All of these moments, the course, were curated by producers and also editors who knew as soon as they to be looking at clip what taken place after those intros were recorded—and it’s that perspective that provides this season for this reason strange to watch. In ~ every turn, it’s difficult to ignore the scandal the erupted as Bachelor nation found chin engulfed in conversations about alcohol and also consent—and come imagine what sort of story producers could be trying come tell by highlighting these certain moments.

As because that what happened? at what other contestant Alex Woytkiw stated was 4:30 P.M., Corinne and DeMario acquired into the pool. Corinne jumped in fully clothed, Alex noted. The two appeared to disappear for a tiny while as the rest of the actors sat down through Chris Harrison. Notably, together Harrison defined the rule of the present to the contestants, the instructed them, “Remember why we’re here; we’re below to uncover love.” (DeMario have the right to be checked out in later segments from the night, however Corinne seems to be absent.) The 2 were displayed eating breakfast together on work 2, and also appeared friendly. Later, both could be viewed flirting with various other contestants. All appeared to be progressing as common until every one of a sudden, producers can be viewed pulling Corinne and DeMario away, as the various other contestants thrived confused. As contestant Jack Stone put it, “Suddenly us look around, and there’s no crew, and it’s simply us.” The fallout, the display teased, will air on Tuesday.

Fans currently knew that ABC would certainly air footage of Corinne and also DeMario, but not the incident itself—in i m sorry the two reportedly gained heavily intoxicated and also performed “raunchy” acts in a hot tub that go not include intercourse. Production shut under for a mainly in June as Warner Bros. Performed an investigation adhering to allegations that misconduct. The investigation concluded that no together foul play had occurred. When the event itself will rightfully remain private, on-camera interviews v Corinne and DeMario will certainly air during the show’s 2nd week. Neither contestant went back to the present after production was suspended, however both space expected come return for its reunion special.

There’s reason to think the franchise will certainly still be able to bounce ago given some time, and ratings will repaint a clearer picture of what could lie front in the next couple of weeks. Because that now, we’re guessing everyone connected is just glad to have actually the premiere out in the open—though it’s still strange to watch the present treat the fateful encounter as just another source of drama.

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