What can have been a peak 10 season, turned the end to be a dark thing in the book called: The Challenge. Season 18 the the Challenge, The Ruins, to be a at sight hyped up season prior to it to be released. A team full of difficulty Champs encountering off against rookies and also veterans alike, every who had actually never won before, the Challengers.

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Some of those challengers should’ve had a win, choose Brad, Adam and Diem the the Gauntlet 3. Therefore for some this season was supposed to it is in a revenge tour, for others that was supposed to be the start of a solid career. The only Challenger the turned this season in something optimistic was Sarah, who completed the final and also turned right into a mainstay because that the following 7 years. We all know exactly how her job ended, therefore let’s not talk around that.


She looks for this reason young and also unrobbed here!

On the other side we had actually the Champions. A team of upstream players, washed-up players and also players that should’ve never become a champion (Looking at you, Ibis). The team was split from the start, once Wes said noone he would be top top the season, yet then proved up come a home with his archnemesis (Kenny), his ex-fiancee (Johanna) and his current girlfriend (Kellyanne). Besides that, that was likewise joined by someone he screwed in his last challenge season (Evan) and the guy he beat in the final based on a penalty shoot-out (Brad). All yet all, an interesting season for Wes. And also that’s why this season was so hyped up at the beginning! Wes lugged something this season that us haven’t yes, really seen ever again. He was the true antagonist the this season and also everything that happened in the beforehand episodes was around him. Until he lost an elimination because that the an initial time ever. After ~ that occurred the season gained slower, an ext boring and less compete (since the overcoming Champs shed their anchor). From this suggest on it came to be a finish landslide for the Champs, even after shedding Tonya and also Darrell with fights.



Wes and also Johanna discussing if they must sell the house or not (in a trusted way!)

The style of this season to be amazing. A 2 team an obstacle like we were provided to, between two groups of human being with different goals. The champs had actually their pride at stake, the challengers had actually to prove themselves. The individual financial institution account lugged an exciting twist to the game, due to the fact that players would certainly volunteer to get in elimination to make more money. Civilization would stop playing a scared game, even Darrell want to go into eliminations, once in his very first 4 periods he only went into 1!

This is why i desire to watch a second season the the Ruins, however this time with an excellent teams.

Introducing the damages 2:



Let’s start of v the teams. ~ above the original season they walk for groups of 14, 7 male and also 7 female. That is a little low in mine opinion, however may be needed due to the fact that of the amount of champs that room available. In the modern difficulty days a lot much less champions get crowned, since there room barely any team difficulties anymore. The last 3 team challenges all had only 4 winners even, while the Inferno 1 crowned EIGHT champions! therefore let’s have actually a look at the most realistic champion team we can assemble.

To start with the girls:

We don’t have a lot of recent female champions. Cara, Dee and Ashley room the just recent winners that still compete. Camilla is pretty much banned and also Sarah will more than likely never return. The most recent winner after that is Laurel, who won 6 year ago. This way we require to obtain some old institution players in. Sadly, no a many them have been open around coming back. Kendall and Tori room were almost casted because that season 33, so they space willing come compete. Veronica also did 3 periods recently. Us might be able to assemble a kind team!

Pretty lot guaranteed:- Cara Maria- Dee- Ashley M

Pretty likely to compete:- Laurel- Veronica

Longshots: - Emily- Ashley K- Kendall- Tori H

Near impossible, yet maybe because that a huge chunk of money:- Rachel R- Evelyn- Coral

The many realistic team that girls would be: Cara, Dee, Ashley M, Laurel, Kendall, Tori H and also Veronica, making it as soon as again a 7 human being per gender team. Let’s simply be hopeful and say Emily joins this season, then we deserve to make the teams a bit bigger 보다 on the ruins 1.

Emily top top the universal difficulty in 2019. It no a actual challenge, yet it can provide us hope. (LOOK in ~ THOSE LEGS)

The boys:

Getting 8 guys will it is in easier, and we can even select to save some out. We have a many champs in the existing season, through CT, Wes, Johnny, Jordan and also Rogan. We additionally have Zach and also Hunter who contended recently. Then we have actually Turbo who likewise competed recently, but who i’d quite not see on a team difficulty ever again. Besides those guys, there are some legends that have returned recently and also may carry out so again: Darrel, Derrick and also Brad. Lastly, note Long and also Alton additionally have claimed something around wanting to compete again if the season is worth it, so that knows?

Pretty much guaranteed: - Johnny- Wes- CT- Jordan- Rogan- Zach

Pretty likely to compete: - Darrell- Derrick- Brad

Longshots: - Mark- Alton- Hunter- Turbo

See, this is a lot of easier! I desire to have actually a little of an er difference in the team, not have actually this be a full OG team (i desire that in one more season i might write about). I’d favor to check out where Rogan and also Zach would loss in this team. Space they the first to be put right into elimination or will they be respected? Jordan, Johnny and also Wes with each other brings some kind of rivalry in the team, also though it seems to it is in dug under the floor nowadays. I’d only want CT earlier if he is in reality fit, i’m kinda done through dad bod CT walk out at an early stage (FR, WotW1 and also TM). Let’s end up it up v Darrell, Derrick and also Brad.

Let’s see how this brother bastard would execute on a team filled through legends.

So the Champions would certainly be:- Johnny (6x)- Darrell (4x)- Veronica (3x)- Derrick (3x)- Jordan (3x)- Cara (2x)- Ashley M (2x)- Wes (2x)- Tori H (2x)- Laurel (1x)- Emily (1x)- kendal (1x)- Dee (1x)- Rogan (1x)- Brad (1x)- Zach (1x)

The Challengers:

Just look at this group of rookies and also misfits. Let’s never assemble a team favor this ever before again!

The original Challengers team to be terrible. The only kinda good competitors to be Brad, Diem, Kellyanne and Sarah, whereby Diem went the end on illustration 1 and Brad acquired disqualified due to the fact that of a fight. Let’s build a team that deserve to actually an obstacle the Champions. 8 male and 8 female, a combination of rookies, vets and OG’s.

The guys: Let’s start of through some brothers blood: Joss, Theo and also Kyle have all come in second on a season, therefore they desire to obtain revenge and win this one. Bear is always great tv, for this reason let’s placed him in aswell. Execute we desire young bucks? more than likely not. Part old institution male challengers are tough to get. Leroy would definitely be one. Probably Cohutta? probably Danny? (just kidding!). We can finish the team up with some more recent people, like Fessy, Jay and Paulie. This would certainly make it 9, so ns dropping Jay, seeing as we already have a smaller guy in Cohutta.

The girls: on the damages 1 the girls were the biggest problem. Having Casey and also Shauvon on one team was simply unacceptable. Let’s get some hefty hitters in here. Tori D, Jenny, Kam, and Georgia have actually all presented some good stuff approximately this point. Mattie is physically intimidating because that alot that the girls, so she’d likewise be good. The biggest challenger the them every is Nany, she been challenging the challenge for 10 year by now. For this reason she has to be in there. I’d choose to view her holy alliance sign up with her top top a team challenge.

The Challenger team: - Leroy (4 finals)- Jenna (3 finals)- Tori D (2 finals)- Paulie (2 finals)- Kam (2 finals)- Joss (1 final)- Theo (1 final)- Kyle (1 final) - Mattie (1 final)- Nany (1 final)- Kailah (1 final)- Georgia (1 final)- Cohutta (0 finals)- Fessy (0 finals)- be afflicted with (0 finals)- Jenny (0 finals)

Because these human being can still become champions we need some back-ups. Us only require 1 every gender, due to the fact that that’s how many champions total Madness will certainly create. Jay and also Nicole Z would be my best alternates.

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The seasons continues to be the same: individual bank accounts, a male and female removed every episode, full on 2 team challenge. There will be 7 eliminations, so over there will constantly be atleast 1 masculine or woman left every team (if nobody it s okay dq’d). Just this time i have no idea that would win. Permit me understand who you see as the winners and also if you have actually challengers you’d quite see on this season 보다 this cast.

Hey pretty person. I create stuff around MTV’s The Challenge. Why? due to the fact that i choose the show! ns hope i have the right to entertain you :-)