The Sunni and also Shiite branches that Islam separation over a dispute aboutA)whether or no to have actually a lunar calendar.B)how plenty of wives to be acceptable.C)succession after Muhammad.D)when the pilgrimage need to be performed.

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The Muslim calendar begins on the day ofA)Muhammad"s birthday.B)Muhammad"s trip to Yathrib.C)the night Muhammad received his revelation.D)Muhammad"s death.

The caliph wasA)a religious and political leader.B)head the the mystical branch that Islam.C)the name given to an enemy of Muhammad.D)the magic equine Muhammad talk on his climb to heaven.

The divine object within the square shrine of the Kabah isA)a black meteorite.B)a nail from the cross of Jesus.C)the dig of Muhammad.D)the first Qur"an.

The Qur"an speak of the following religious figure(s):A)Jesus.B)Buddha.C)St. Paul.D)All these answers room correct.

The branch of Islam the believes the follower to Muhammad should have been a male straight descended indigenous the prophet"s immediate family is calledA)Sunni.B)Shiite.C)Sufi.D)Hasidic.

In enhancement to basing rules for daily life top top the Qur"an, Muslims appeal come the hadith, theA)laws that nature.B)rulings of the followers to Muhammad.C)sayings of Khadijah, Muhammad"s wife.D)recollections civilization had that Muhammad"s words and also actions.

Muslims believe inA)resurrection that the body.B)a last judgment.C)neither a resurrection of the body no one a last judgment.D)both a resurrection of the body and also a last judgment.

Muhammad"s job prior to he came to be a prophet was aA)merchant.B)date grower.C)caravan driver.D)camel breeder.

A spiritual requirement for male Muslims, additionally necessary for masculine Jews, isA)circumcision.B)drinking wine on one-of-a-kind feast days.C)wearing that the turban.D)marriage.

Along through Judaism, Islam forbidsA)eating unleavened bread.B)the wearing of the veil by women.C)eating pork.D)the put on of gold jewelry.

The ________ is the decorated niche within a mosque that shows the direction of Mecca.A)dhikrB)jihadC)minaretD)mihrab

________ is a festival at the finish of the month of Ramadan, throughout which world feast and visit friends and also often visit tombs of ancestors.A)KabahB)Id al-FitrC)RamadanD)Hijra

________ is the job of Sacrifice throughout the month the the Hajj, when an pet is sacrificed come recall the entry of Abraham.A)Id al-AdhaB)ShariaC)RamadanD)Kabah

________ means "extinction," or the sense of lose of self in the mystical experience.A)FanaB)CaliphC)JihadD)Imam

A(n) ________ is a spiritual leader; specifically, one of the hereditary successors of Muhammad, venerated in Shiite Islam.A)jihadB)caliphC)dhikrD)Imam

________ method "struggle"; it is the ideal of spreading Islamic belief and also practice.A)SuraB)JihadC)ImamD)Fana

________ means "cube"; the is the square shrine in ~ the center of the an excellent mosque in Mecca.A)Qur"anB)KabahC)ShariaD)Ramadan

________ way "submission"; the is the term because that the Muslim religion and also the neighborhood of believers who have actually submitted themselves to Allah.A)HijraB)KabahC)RamadanD)Islam

The month the fasting is, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, isA)Id al-Adha.B)Kabah.C)Ramadan.D)Qur"an.

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________ means "path"; that is the totality body of Islamic law, which guides a Muslim"s life.A)KabahB)Id al-AdhaC)ShariaD)Hijra

The reform activity that says education should be entirely religious, emphasizes a streamlined Islam, and gives an excellent attention to the importance of Muhammad and his at an early stage companions isA)Wahhabis.B)Sunni.C)Sharia.D)Deobandi.

The pilgrimage every Muslim must make come ________ is called the Hajj.A)MedinaB)IranC)MeccaD)his or her location of birth is a web and mobile examine platform that helps you learn things faster. Ours mission is to produce a smarter world by simplifying and speeding up the finding out process.© 2021 Bold learning Solutions. Terms and also Conditions